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open Micro Focus spends $540m to add Serena its software brand museum 12
open DevOps, huh? Show me the money. Show me the MONAY! 14
By ecofeco
open Successful DevOps? You'll need some new numbers for that 12
By Bibbit
open New Relic offers security researchers cred – not cash – for bug reports 9
By redpawn
open Hollywood could learn a lot from software devs, says GitLab founder 10
open Webby DevOps? We're not in Kansas any more, Dorothy 3
open Cloud Native Computing Foundation adopts Kubernetes 5
open Continuous Lifecycle London: Less than eight weeks to go 7
open Go DevOps before your bosses force you to. It'll be easier that way 46
open MapR whips out a pack of ACEs, eyes up containing Docker users 1
open Blah Blah blah ... I don't care! To hell with your tech marketing bull 64
open Docker may be the dumbest thing you do today 35
open Cloudbees draws up qualification plan for worker bees 2
open Tutum technology bobs back to surface as Docker Cloud 1
By wodge
open Stick it in your pipeline: Jenkins finally goes full alpha 2
open One weekend left to save big on Continuous Lifecycle 4
By jake
open Like those independent DevOps vendors? They might not be for long... 3
open Microsoft's Red Hat Ansible love-in gives birth to DevNetCLOps 6
open You say you're an Ansible expert, wise guy? Come and prove it 8
open Freeze, CaaShole! Docker Datacenter's Container-as-a-Service opens to world + dog 2
open Become an Andre Previn in your time: DevOps for star conductors 16
open Can DevOps be applied to the whole company? 16
open Hey British coders: DevOps – you're doing it wrong 35
open Ansible roadmap under Red Hat points towards Redmond 3
open Ansible charges into network automation with Cisco, Juniper 3
open Permies sitting pretty as fifth of contractors see rates cut 19
open Big, fat fail? Here's how to avoid that: Microservices and you 30
open Are you a Salesforce or an Uber? Choose wisely, devs 7
open Elasticsearch cluster in a jiffy: Step by step 16
open Mobile: DevOps for IT shops. Minus the upheaval 14
open IT's Holy Grail, but is DevOps a Poisoned Chalice for sysadmins? 35
open Docker users clock up 2 billion pulls since 2013 1
open CSI: Let's get out of the lab, interview the suspect, then do a warrantless search 7
open Is tech monitoring software still worth talking about? 24
open Getting a grip on Puppet: A guide for beginners 15
By Vic
open Atlassian creates new Android, iOS development teams 2
open New Relic launches autism at work programme, signs up interns 2
open Continuous Lifecycle London: Early bird tickets fly off in 15 days 2
open Puppet CEO: No hype in DevOps... except for the overhyped bits 8
By pfretty
open Let's play immutable infrastructure! A game where 'crash and burn' works both ways 12
open Docker revs up Engine, hits 1.10 1
By Bill 21
open Dragons and butterflies: The chaos of other people's clouds 19
open Software devs' new mantra: Zen dogs dream of small-sized bones 13
open How a power blip briefly broke GitHub's boxes and tripped it offline 19
By jimmyj
open NOTHING trumps extra pizza on IT projects. Not even more people 76
By x 7
open Perforce boss: ‘I’m just the cook’, flips firm to private equity 5
open Chef reviews internal update plans after 'degradation incident' 4
open GitHub: We're sorry (again) about (another) outage 17
open Chef plugs Ruby vulns with Server release 1
open Continuous Lifecycle: Bursting with DevOps and CD goodness 9



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