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open DevOps pilgrim Progress forks out $220m for automation crew Chef 4
By Rainer
open GitHub debuts Container Registry that's only a little bit redundant for developers 4
By Ben 56
open AWS unleashes a new homegrown Linux that's good enough to bottle 10
open If you want to hijack widely used JavaScript packages, try phishing for devs through these DMARC-shaped holes in key Node.js domains 11
open 'There is no way we can keep coding local': GitPod's cloud development platform released into sunlight of open source 8
open NHS Digital sets aside £800m of taxpayers' pork to inject a bit of Agile development into its 'ongoing live services' 6
open Microsoft is not the enemy, why Google still runs 'Borg', and other insights from Kubernetes founders 8
open Microsoft's Azure Cosmos DB dips toe in serverless waters with pay-as-you-go preview 3
open Node.js community finally prodded to patch Chromium XHR bug after developer refuses to let flaw stand 7
open Cluster bomb: Mirantis shells out for Lens, a management system for Kubernetes 3
open Docker shocker: Cash-strapped container crew threatens to delete 4.5 petabytes of unloved images 28
By hoola
open Microsoft introduces Open Service Mesh for Kubernetes, plans quick donation to CNCF 3
By tdopz
open New Relic streamlines app monitoring tools, shifts to per-user, pay-as-you-go pricing, adds free tier to lure you in 4
open Feeling unInspired? We can't help much with that, but there is a new .NET 5 preview and an Azure DevOps roadmap 5
open Rancher rides off into the SUSE-set after acquisition by Linux outfit 2
open Languishing lodash library loophole finally fitted for a fix: It's only taken since October to address security bug 5
open Containers to capture 15% of all enterprise apps across 75% of business by 2024 8
By Zed Zee
open Microsoft snubs Service Fabric as it plots to switch Teams infrastructure to Kubernetes 8
open 'Boringly reliable': Red Hat architect thinks Kubernetes is 'mostly done' – but there are still plenty of bugs 18
By Ollie12
open DevOps to DevOops: Docker Hub proves so secure that 430 Docker images out of 2,500 have no vulnerabilities 11
open Talk about a control plane... US Air Force says upcoming B-21 stealth bomber will use Kubernetes 74
open Microsoft hogs limelight at virtual Docker event as friends with benefits get even cosier 2
open Unlucky for some, GitLab 13.0 is DevSecOps in a box, but will it play nicely with others? 4
open Guess who’s laughing most of the way to the Splunk, despite revenue miss and nervous customers? 2
open Meet ScrAPIr, MIT's Swiss army-knife for non-coders to shake data out of APIs (It's useful for pro devs, too) 5
open We'd love to come up with a Harbor container ship pun but we're too corona-frazzled. Version 2.0 is out 6
open GitHub rolls out hosted Visual Studio Code in Codespaces 7
open Ex-Cloud Foundry boss to pull strings at Puppet as CTO, says open-source software 'evolves faster, is more mature' 1
open Long after Linux, Windows Server Containers finally arrive on Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service 9
By rgaza
open API hubs multiplying? SoftwareAG touts AppMesh control pane to wrangle service mesh mess 3
By Wold
open European programmers take an extended lunch break as GitHub goes TITSUP* again 5
open News sure to ex-Zeit: Next.js company reborn as Vercel 8
open How generous of GitHub to slash prices and make all its core features free. So what gives? Oh right, GitLab 20
open Asleep at the wheel: Why did it take 5 HOURS for Microsoft to acknowledge an Azure DevOps TITSUP*? 9
By big_D
open If you don't cover your Docker daemon API port you'll have a hell of a time... because cryptocreeps are hunting for it 8
open Who the heck even owns this company? Where is it? Biz risk outfit uses graphDBs to build mammoth compliance network 8
open Docker disguises itself as a development pipeline service as it stalks the IT world for its elusive target – profit 1
open Kubernetes is 'still hard' so VMware has gone all-in on container-related tech with expanded Tanzu, vSphere 7 8
By TonyJ
open How does Monzo keep 1,600 microservices spinning? Go, clean code, and a strong team 55
open What would machine learning look like if you mixed in DevOps? Wonder no more, we lift the lid on MLOps 6
open Google sweetens return of K8s cluster management fees with new SLA, Anthos exclusion ‒ and customers aren't pleased 3
open Microservices guru warns devs that trendy architecture shouldn't be the default for every app, but 'a last resort' 41
By peter-l
open Game over, man: Microsoft test engineer who laundered stolen Xbox credits into $10m guilty of fraud 10
open Are we having fund yet, npm? CTO calls for patience after devs complain promised donations platform has stalled 13
open Google Cloud embraces GitOps with new Application Manager for Kubernetes 3
open Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up' 195
By Kiwi
open Everything's coming up Kubernetes: Google Cloud adds support for Windows Server Containers 3
open Atlassian anticipates $1.6bn total revenue for fiscal 2020 as subscriptions make it rain 4
open Hey kids! Forget about Disney – who fancies a trip to DevOps World? 4
open CloudBees SaaSifies Jenkins X running on Google Cloud Platform 3



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