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open Frosty the plaintiff: Yeti Data flings surprise trademark sueball at Snowflake 3
open Work-from-home shift trickles down to Western Digital as cloud builders stuff storage in bit barns to meet demand 1
open Data warehouse firm hopes more will follow Yellowbrick road for real-time analytics, speedy cloud data transfer 1
open It's not a Windows 10 release without something breaking so here's a troubleshooter for your OneDrive woes 27
By sahora
open Not such a DRaaS-tic action, buying into cloud-based disaster recovery in times like these: VMware to swallow Datrium 2
open Memories are made of chips: 'Surge in online activity' helps Micron make off with $5.4bn in Q3 1
By HildyJ
open Wanted – DRAM or alive: US Feds bag arrest warrants for three Taiwanese accused of stealing Micron's mem secrets 10
open Ex-director cops community service after 5,000-file deletion spree on company Dropbox 44
open DB2 migration problems caused IBM to resurrect Netezza, according to analyst 5
open Western Digital shingled out in lawsuit for sneaking RAID-unfriendly tech into drives for RAID arrays 67
open SD cards hop on the PCIe 4.0 bus to hit 4GB/s with version 8.0 of storage spec 8
open Got a few spare terabytes of storage sitting around unused? Tardigrade can turn that into crypto-bucks 16
open AWS rolls faster and more secure Snowballs 2
open HPE fixes another SAS SSD death bug: This time, drives will conk out after 40,000 hours of operation 38
By robidy
open Western Digital hands chief exec seat to boss of Cisco's networking and security biz 4
open Blow me down with a feather, well, storage server software update gone awry: Nest vid streams go dark for 16 hours 17
open Hard Disk Dri, er, Connive: Two sales execs accused by Uncle Sam of bumping up HDD component prices 3
By eldakka
open Psst. SANshine, fancy a bit of shared block storage on Azure? 6
By buchan
open Cache me if you can: HDD PC sales collapse in Europe as shoppers say yes siree to SSD 99
open Photobox ditches Amazon's Redshift, cuddles up to Snowflake 8
By Korev
open Archive storage comes to Google Cloud: Will it give AWS and Azure the cold shoulder? 3
open Back up a minute: Private equity outfit coughs $5bn for Veeam 27
open Late $440m Christmas present for HP: Judge triples damages windfall from Quanta in CD-ROM drive price-fix showdown 21
open The time PC Tools spared an aerospace techie the blushes 110
open Whoooooa, this node is on fire! Forget Ceph, try the forgotten OpenStack storage release 'Crispy' 82
open Nutanix: There have always been losses. You know what's really fattening? Our subs 3
open Gospel according to HPE: And lo, on the 32,768th hour did thy SSD give up the ghost 140
open 'Not normal': Dell and NetApp price war puts crimp in Pure Storage revenue growth 7
open Canada's OpenText buys SMB backerupper Carbonite for $1.42bn 2
By Ian 55
open When the IT department speaks, users listen. Or face the consequences 286
open HP scores $176m win in CD-ROM drive price-fix case – after one biz emailed rival with 'Price Fixing' as the subject 22
open It's Orphan Data in Backup Hell: No, it's not a Netflix series about storage admins... 3
open Good news – America's nuke arsenal to swap eight-inch floppy disks for solid-state drives 133
By rocral
open The safest place to save your files is somewhere nobody will ever look 268
By No Yb
open Nutanix lures cloudy bingers with Danish trilogy: HPE GreenLake deal, ServiceNow tie-up and ProLiant DX pact 5
open Seagate, WD mull 10-platter HDDs as pitstop before HAMR, MAMR time 17
open No Huawei: Micron hit by oversupply, US-China trade issues as DRAM sales sliced in half 4
open Intel unveils gen 2 Optane SCM, bellows: You Barlow Pass, as it unfurls roadmap 6
open Good news: Microsoft is doubling your OneDrive storage for more than double your money 32
open Western Digital: We're just about DDN with these data centre systems 1
By rcxb
open Backup biz Acronis ascends to unicorndom after $147m splurge led by Goldman Sachs 4
open Dell seasons PowerMax arrays with dash of FC-NVMe and Optane – but it's not a capacity boost 4
open Owl in a day's work: Commvault picks up software-defined type Hedvig for $225m 8
By Aviato
open MAMR Mia! Western Digital's 18TB and 20TB microwave-energy hard drives out soon 62
open The shifting SANs of enterprise IT: You may have been burned in the past, but live migration is and will be your friend 14
By J_Metz
open I couldn't possibly tell you the computer's ID over the phone, I've been on A Course™ 221
By No Yb
open Pure Storage the latest pipes 'n' plumbing playa to slash sales forecast 3
open Canadian ISP Telus launches novel solution to deal with excess email: Crash your servers and wipe it all 37
open Gone in a flash: Oracle lays off hundreds as the biz formerly known as Pillar Data is shuttered 15
open Tariffs, don't like it. Rock the AFA, rock the AFA: NetApp's all-flash sales crash hits top-line stats 2
By jake



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