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open Assimilation completed! HPE says it has finished the merger with Cray and unveils combo supercomputing lineup 14
open Fujitsu, Japan strong-Arm their way to the top with world's fastest-known super: 415-PFLOPS Fugaku 16
open Microsoft claims it has spun up a top-five AI supercomputer for its pals at OpenAI – but won't reveal the full specs 9
By Steve K
open That string of supercomputer hacks last week? Of course it was a crypto-coin-mining get-rich-quick scheme 13
open Reg readers have not one, but TWO teams in Folding@home top 1,000 as virus-bothering network hits 2.4 exa-FLOPS 22
By xjy
open PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure 173
open IBM fires up the big iron, Facebook hands out masks, Cisco splashes cash, and CDC gets an Azure-powered bot 13
open Uncle Sam's nuke-stockpile-simulating souped-super El Capitan set to hit TWO exa-FLOPS, take crown as world's fastest machine in 2023 46
By Snake
open A bridge over troubled water: Intel teases Ponte Vecchio, the GPU brains in US govt's 1-exaFLOPS Aurora supercomputer 26
open Player three has entered Cray's supercomputing game: First AMD Epyc, now Fujitsu's Arm chips 24
open UK govt snubs Intel, seeks second-gen AMD Epyc processors for 28PFLOPS Archer2 supercomputer 36
open HPE's Eng Lim Goh on spaceborne computers, NASA medals – and AI at the final frontier 12
open The Reg chats to HPE's HPC man about NASA's supercomputers, lunar ambitions and Columbia 2
open Look at me. Look at me. I'm the El Capitan now: Cray to build US govt's $600m cray-cray exascale nuke app super 7
open Bored of laptops? Love 200Gb/s interconnects? Then you're going to hate today's Intel news 37
open Toodle-oo Raijin and g'day Gadi, you beauty! Australia's fastest super 'puter will bench 38 PFLOPS later this year 15
open Who needs a supercomputer when you can get a couple of petaflops on AWS? 31
open Who bought the most powerful commercial supercomputer? Come on, it's Total-ly obvious 37
open Nvidia 'brings CUDA to Arm' – Translation: We're still doing a thing we've already done but now doing more of it 1
By Sssss
open This isn't Boeing to end well: Plane maker to scrap some physical cert tests, use computer simulations instead 141
open Frontiersman Cray snags $50m storage contract for 'largest single filesystem' 24
open HPE's Spaceborne supercomputer returns to terra firma after 615 days on the ISS 32
By MyffyW
open HPC processor project tosses architectural designs on desk of the European Commission 12
By Lars
open Cray's found a super scooper, $1.3bn's gonna buy you. HPE's the one 49
open 5G willikers, did AI do that? HPC botherer DDN buys Nexenta 6
By Korev
open Commercial spinoffs of Fujitsu's Post-K super 'puter will hit shelves long before exascale daddy switched on 8
open Hey, US taxpayers. Filed your taxes? Good, good. $500m of it is going on an Intel-Cray exascale boffinry supercomputer 23
open Holy sh*tsnacks! Danger zone! Edinburgh Uni's Archer 2 super 'puter will cost a cool £79m 33
By Ken 16
open Prodigy chip brainiacs Tachyum hook up with Euro HPC consortium 2
open Cray will realise 'substantial' loss. But Shasta minute, folks, big iron market will pick up 5
By Griffo
open It's raining, then? Hallelujah. Big Blue super 'puter sharpens forecasts 19
By jake
open FPGAs? Sure, them too. Liqid pours chips over composable computing systems 12
open What's big, blue, and short on Intel? The supercomputer world's podium: USA tops Top500 with IBM Power9 21
open It's wall-to-wall Huawei: Chinese behemoth hogs five of six top spots in SPC-1 array benchmark 8
open Cray's pre-exascale Shasta supercomputer gets energy research boffins hot under collar 16
open HPC botherer DDN breaks file system benchmark record 8
open Heads up: Fujitsu tips its hand to reveal exascale Arm supercomputer processor – the A64FX 44
open Fix for July's Spectre-like bug is breaking some supers 5
By stiine
open HPE flies low-energy Eagle into National Renewable Energy Lab's data centre 8
open 'Prodigy' chip moonshot gets hand from Arm CPU guru Prof Steve Furber 22
By WorBlux
open Spectre/Meltdown fixes in HPC: Want the bad news or the bad news? It's slower, say boffins 29
open HPE supercomputer is still crunching numbers in space after 340 days 56
open EU plans for domestic exascale supercomputer chips: A RISC-y business 30
open An $18m supercomputer to simulate brains of mice in the land of Swiss cheese. How apt, HPE 37
By Schultz
open Europe's scheme to build exascale capability on homegrown hardware is ludicrous fantasy 39
open Big Blue's Summit super sits, aptly, at the peak of official Top500 beast list 11
By DerGoat
open Lazy parent Intel dumps Lustre assets on HPC storage bods DDN 12
open Fujitsu kicks off field trials for post-K exascale computing processor 4
open Cray slaps an all-flash makeover on its L300 array to do HPC stuff 3
open HPE pulls sheets off largest Arm-based supercomputer Astra 6



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