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open She was praised by the CEO and promoted. After her brother and mom died, she returned from compassionate leave. IBM laid her off 49
open Have no idea WTF is going on with the Oracle-Walmart TikTok deal? Don’t sweat it, here’s our latest rundown 28
open Remember those Salesforce layoffs after that bumper Q2? Yeah, forget that, SaaS player set to hire 12,000 staff 6
By Cederic
open This is how ends, not with a bang but a blunder: Randomer swipes decommissioning domain 46
By tin 2
open Amazon gets its tax excuses in early amid rising UK profits – but leaves El Reg off the press list. Can't think why 44
open Alibaba wants to get you off the PC upgrade treadmill and into its cloud 52
open New strategy, Cloudera? Hadoop flinger launches NoSQL database, visualisation tools in head-scratching flurry 4
open AWS hoping to pick up stream with Cloud Digital Interface: Low latency cloud network for uncompressed video 2
open Oracle hosting TikTok US data. '25,000' moderators hired. Code reviews. Trump getting his cut... It's the season finale 61
open AWS Aurora PostgreSQL versions vanish from the mega-cloud for days, leaving customers in the dark 16
open With no viable alternatives, big names flock to Adobe's cloudy wares amid global pandemic 12
open AWS is bursting with pride for its Arm CPU cores – so much it’s put them behind a burstable instance type 10
open Microsoft wants to link satellites to Azure – but it should probably fix its cloud first: Cooling outage hits UK COVID-19 portal, other sites 11
By Wilco
open Wow, you guys have so much in common: Oracle hotly tipped to power TikTok’s operations as Microsoft deal rejected 33
open Oracle customers caught in the cross-hairs of Larry’s 'interesting dynamic' 3
open Stop asking for Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud with 'no justification': US Library of Congress told to drop its 'brand-name'-tastic RFP 23
By Terry 6
open Microsoft reveals slow, staccato, disruptive auto-patching service for some Windows VMs on Azure 7
open Gartner on cloud contenders: AWS fails to lower its prices, Microsoft 'cannot guarantee capacity', Google has 'devastating' network outages 30
open Even with a 49% uplift in sales and a 46% drop in expenses, Slack still can't turn a profit 17
By hakuli
open IBM’s Cloud just ruined a perfectly good lunchtime by losing power to a few racks in Australia 6
By Neoc
open What a cluster-buck! Nutanix and Microsoft to swap licence credits under new Azure deal 1
open Angry 123-Reg customers in the UK wake up to another day where hosted mail doesn't get through to users on Microsoft email accounts 47
By vogon00
open The Wrath of Amazon: JEDI wars rage on after US Department of Defense affirms Microsoft contract 34
open Cisco mostly silent on when and what it knew about malicious WebEx wipeout 6
open Why cloud costs get out of control: Too much lift and shift, and pricing that is 'screwy and broken' 58
open Makes sense, this does, says US appeals court as it swats away Oracle's protests in $10bn JEDI contract spat 13
open What rhymes with 'boom' and is veritably raking it in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic? 28
open What a time for a TITSUP*: Santander down and out on pre-Bank Holiday payday 30
open Google Firebase Cloud Messaging offers spam tier for some – no account required, just knowledge of bad security 2
By IGotOut
open Things that go Splunk in the night: We're 2 years ahead of cloud mix sales forecasts thanks to pandemic, yells data cruncher 2
open Engineer admits he wiped 456 Cisco WebEx VMs from AWS after leaving the biz, derailed 16,000 Teams accounts 56
By Hazmoid
open Never mind record revenue and profit, the churn must go on: Salesforce trims workforce day after bumper results 2
open The answer is Anthos, cries Google's OnAir videogasm. But what is the question? 8
open Conflict of interest? We've heard of it. Amazon on selection panel to choose's chief digi officer 16
open Mysterious metadata monster swamped Google’s blobs and crashed its cloud 6
open IT blunder permanently erases 145,000 users' personal chats in KPMG's Microsoft Teams deployment – memo 80
open Oh dear, what a pity! It seems you can't join the directors at the Zoom meeting today 8
By Roland6
open ‘IT professionals increasingly define themselves by capabilities they excel at managing’ says Atlassian chap 30
open Alibaba and its cloud are growing like a weed, but the cloud is losing money 3
open What legacy is IBM really shooting for? Cheating its own salespeople out of millions? Here we go again, allegedly 46
open Worldwide Google services – from GCP to G Suite – hit with the outage stick 18
open Cloud now bigger than Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco COMBINED 10
open X86 or Arm? AWS now lets you choose both at once for Kubernetes 2
open Oh what a feeling: New Toyotas will upload data to AWS to help create custom insurance premiums based on driver behaviour 150
open Donald Trump thought-bubbles an Alibaba ban as Chinese clouds clam up about Clean Cloud plan 40
open Sources: Oracle Commerce Cloud devs laid off as platform struggles to gain traction, move to modern architecture 9
open Tencent’s gaming surge trumps potential loss of the one or two percent of cash it makes in America 14
By DS999
open Zoom-er or later, your past catches up with you: Vid chat service hit by sueball over end-to-end encryption claim 5
By Falmari
open Dreams feel real while we're in them, don't they Salesforce? 'Critical' virtual event Dreamforce faces the axe 1
By Danny 2
open Transport for London asks Capita to fling Congestion Charge system into the cloud 25



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