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open Millennials 'horrify' their neighbours with knob-shaped lights display 116
open Dog with 'psychotic tendencies' escapes home to poop on his neighbours' pillows 47
open Mystery sign-poster pities the fool who would litter the UK's West Midlands 112
open Canuck couple returns home after night on tiles to gaggle of randomers hanging out in their flat 79
By jake
open What a meth: Woman held for 3 months after cops mistake candy floss for hard drugs 149
open Doctors join wombats in sh!tting bricks to help parents relax about kids chowing down on Lego 48
By jake
open Great Scott! Is nothing sacred? US movie-goers vote Back To The Future as most-wanted reboot 155
open Tech bosses talk kids' books! Could they show a glimmer of humanity? You only get one guess 49
open Bordeaux-no! Wine guzzling at events rises 20% 44
open Well that's just spliffing: UK Amazon merchants peddling Mary Jane 76
open Wombats literally sh!t bricks – and now boffins reckon they know how 52
open Finally a platform for train puns: IBM Halt station derailed 35
open Alphabet gives bipedal robots the Schaft 'cos no one wants to buy its creepy machine maker 22
open Court doc typo 'reveals' Julian Assange may have been charged in US 89
open Oz lad 'fell in love with' baby meerkat, nicked it from zoo, took it out for a romantic Big Mac 46
open Japanese cyber security minister 'doesn't know what a USB stick is' 100
open Open the pod bay doors: Voice of HAL 9000 Douglas Rain dies at 90 47
open Townsfolk left deeply unsatisfied by Bury St Edmunds' 'twig' of a Christmas tree 63
open Bill Gates joined on stage by jar of poop as he confesses deep love for talking about toilets 41
By onefang
open Stairway to edam: Swiss bloke blasts roquefort his cheese, thinks Led Zep might make it tastier 68
By ukgnome
open ZX Spectrum reboot scandal man sits on Steve Bannon design tech shindig committee 36
open Imperial bringing in budget holograms to teach students 20
By Chozo
open 'He must be stopped': Missouri candidate's children tell voters he's basically an asshat 120
open Bomb squad descends on suspicious package to find something much more dangerous – a Journey cassette 86
By Persona
open Shift-work: Keyboards heaped in a field push North Yorks council's fly-tipping buttons 107
open Woman who hooked up with over 15 spectres has found her forever phantom after whirlwind romance and plane sex 122
open Manchester man fined £1,440 after neighbours couldn't open windows for stench of dog toffee 81
open Californian chap sets his folks' home on fire by successfully taking out spiders with blowtorch 55
By sms123
open Assange catgate hearing halted as Ecuador hunts around for someone who speaks Australian 78
open Yer a solicitor, 'arry! Indian uni takes cues from 'Potterverse' to teach students law 29
By ArrZarr
open Uncool: Google won't be setting up shop in disused Berlin electrical substation 47
open Erm... what did you say again, dear reader? 175
open Science: Broke brats glued to the web while silk-stocking scions have better things to do 73
open Cops called after pair enter Canadian home and give it a good clean 112
open FYI: Faking court orders to take down Google reviews is super illegal 68
By jake
open London flatmate (Julian Assange) sues landlord (government of Ecuador) in human rights spat 184
By Orv
open Facebook names former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg head of global affairs 98
By silks
open Insects with farts that smell like coriander assist in covering up Paris's aroma d'urine 31
By jake
open From dank memes to Krispy Kremes: British uni eggheads claim viral lol pics make kids fat 64
By Moosh
open Chinese biz baron wants to shove his artificial moon where the sun doesn't shine – literally 109
open Leaked memo: No internet until you clean your bathroom, Ecuador told Julian Assange 162
open RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer 74
open On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me tea... pigs-in-blankets-flavoured tea 144
open Indiegogo pulls handheld airport pervscanners off crowdfunding platform 40
open On the seventh anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, we give you 7 times he served humanity and acted as an example to others 174
By *jr*
open Sun billionaire Khosla discovers life's a beach after US Supreme Court refuses to hear him out 60
open 'Incommunicado' Assange anoints new WikiLeaks editor in chief 69
open Don't get THAT personal, says personalised cards firm Moonpig. Dick pics. They mean dick pics 55
open Overexcitable UK ads regulator gabbles that Amazon broke EU law 20
By aks
open UKIP doubled price of condoms for sale at party conference 86



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