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open Behold the Bloo Screen of Death: Bathroom borkage stops spray play 34
open As we stand on the precipice of science fiction into science fact, people say: Hell yeah, I want to augment my eyesight! 96
open Strap in for the wild ride that is A failed legal battle, millions of dollars on the line... and that Yo! app 3
By c1ue
open Amazon Lex can now speak British English... or simply 'English' if you're British 91
open Relics of the past to be found in Oxford: A medieval friary, a Saxon wall, and... Windows 7 17
open Ever found yourself praying to whatever deity runs Microsoft Teams? You're not alone 28
open Tesco self-service separates innocent Reg reader from beer after collapsing into heap of Windows dialog boxes 25
open Bad apples: US customs seize OnePlus earbuds thinking they're knock-off AirPods 40
By HKmk23
open Cops called to Singapore golf club after 'wrongdoers' use scripts to book popular timeslots 76
open How about a lovely processor thermal trip? Hot day in Italy brings out the banking bork 5
open Bork, Beer and Breweries: Three of our favourite things 17
open I AM ERROR: Tired of chewing up your RAM? Razer tells gamers where to stick its special gum for the RGB crowd 25
open I won't be ignored: Google to banish caller roulette with Verified Calls 87
open The National Museum of Computing flings opens its non-virtual doors 11
open Upside down, you turn me, you're giving bork instinctively: Firefox flips as a train connection is missed 31
open Ghost of Windows past spotted haunting Yorkshire railway station 20
open Larry Ellison abruptly pulls rug from under philanthropy foundation after two years to 'focus on COVID-19 fight' 19
open Salon told to change ad looking for 'happy' stylist because it 'discriminated against unhappy people' 74
By Danny 2
open There's a battery-free Game Boy that runs solely on the power of sunlight and the speed of your button-mashing 32
open Borking all over the world: At home or abroad, you're never more than 6ft from a BSOD 20
open 'A guy in a jetpack' seen flying at 3,000ft within few hundred yards of passenger jet landing at LA airport 76
open When Irish screens are borking: Ticketing trip-up for Dublin-based Windows 10 IoT terminal, but at least it's not XP 17
open Death Stranding: Essential worker simulator unites its players amid a lockdown far worse than the real-life one 24
By Kane
open Global heatmap of cheater density says Brazil is the worst at video games, but there's no data on China 3
By c1ue
open Two arrested in Congo after Google Loon mobe balloon meets terra firma more than 1,000km from operating area 27
By Kane
open Teen charged after allegedly taking food delivery biz for a ride: $10k of 'fraudulent refunds for stuff not delivered' 24
open Um, almost the entire Scots Wikipedia was written by someone with no idea of the language – 10,000s of articles 229
By Danny 2
open So... just 'Good' then? KFC pulls Finger Lickin' slogan while pandemic rumbles on 80
By Frank49
open A bridge too far: Passengers on Sydney's new ferries would get 'their heads knocked off' on upper deck, say politicos 114
By zemm
open Unexpected Porthcawl in the borkage area: Riding an indoor Power Truck to nowhere 20
By MyffyW
open Trucking hell: Kid leaves dad in monster debt after buying oversized vehicle on eBay 133
open UK national debt hits 1.46 Apples – and weighs as much as 2 billion adult badgers 52
open If you can't understand how Instagram 'influencers' make millions, good luck with these virtual ones doing even better 44
open We've heard some made-up stories but this is ridiculous: Microsoft Flight Simulator, Bing erect huge skyscraper out of bad data 78
open Bunch of mugs keep risking life and limb to 'crockery bomb' sad little roundabout 48
open 'Get out of my office, you're being a pest!' Yes, son. Toymaker releases work-from-home-themed play sets 43
open Ex-Apple engineer lifts lid on Uncle Sam's top-secret plan to turn customized iPod into 'Geiger counter' 77
open Securus sued for 'recording attorney-client jail calls, handing them to cops' – months after settling similar lawsuit 28
open Anti-5G-vaxx pressure group sues Zuckerberg, Facebook, fact checkers for daring to suggest it might be wrong 116
open Ed Snowden has raked in $1m+ from speeches – and Uncle Sam wants its cut, specifically, absolutely all of it 49
open Norfolk's second-greatest cultural export set for return with 3-metre monument in honour of the Turkey Twizzler 49
By J27
open How do you feel about single-use plastics? OK, interesting. Now tell us your views on surprise Windows updates 22
By HKmk23
open Eagle-on-EGLE* violence: American icon sends govt-flown drone hurtling into the waters of Lake Michigan 33
open Well, what are we waiting for? Three weeks later, Windows Embedded Standard 7 still didn't have the answer 51
open US govt proposes elephant showers for every American after Prez Trump says trickles dampen his haircare routine 120
open Snortical warfare: Wild boar launches amphibious assault against German beachgoers 49
open The future of signage is here, and it wants an update 27
open Steve Wozniak at 70: Here's to the bloke behind Apple who wasn't a complete... turtleneck 83
open What are you gonna do? Give me detention? Illinois schools ban pyjamas in online classes 65
open UK lockdown easing heralds the return of burgers... and bork 19



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