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Signal sends smoke, er, signal: If Congress cripples anonymous speech with EARN IT Act, we'll shut US ops

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: follow the money ... chat app WhatsApp

Skype supports end to end encryption because they route traffic via random users nodes on the Internet. Without end to end encryption there would be no encryption.

FBI raids home of spy sat techie over leak of secret comms source code on Facebook

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"debt that appears to be unmanageable..."

Thats what did for Jared's security clearance, didnt apply to his dad in n law tho? I presume he could prove that he really doesn't give a fuck about huge debts.

'Moore's Revenge' is upon us and will make the world weird

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That'll be spain. If you hear someone say in english, in an exaggerated Spanish accent "eespain is edifferent". It means things are a bit broken round here get used to it. Relax.

We are well prepared for IoT.

It was El Reg wot won it: Bing banishes bogus Brit bank banner ad

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Re: What worries me

Agreed mate,

- Turn off search from address bar

- Get rid of auto .com suffix

- stop browser from googling localhst and the like

FireFox needs this mode by default on desktop. No hope of Chrome ever doing it.


No backdoor, no backdoor... you're a backdoor! Huawei won't spy for China or anyone else, exec tells MPs

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Re: quite sensible

Thats how it works in the UK. Govt can force you to backdoor a website and you are not allowed ever to mention it. Only option is to close up and do business elsewhere.

Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good

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On a technology note, I will be replacing all my foobar code with fuku.

cat src.c | sed -e 's/"foo"/"fu"/g' | sed -e 's/"bar"/"ku"/g' > src_2011.c

APEX predator? Chinese phone-flinger Vivo teases upcoming concept phone

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Re: Except for the fragility issue...

Moving parts and fragility is an issue sometimes, not necessarily.

E.g. I prefer pop-up popout swapable and fixable over soldered on.

I never had a Ericsson or nokia foldable break


Looming EU copyright rules – tackling Google news article scraping, installing upload filters – under fire from all sides

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Re: It's safe to kick a dead horse

If you hire someone else to pull the trigger you shouldnt get away with murder.

Google have been making big of money out of lots small scale criminals. Knowingly. For years.

This weekend you better read those ebooks you bought from Microsoft – because they'll be dead come early July

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Re: Par for the course

The old Kobos were good. The new ones force you buy books from their website (not even alternatives) so its a book reader with very limited book choice excluding all the classics that should be free.

Google claims ‘massive’ Stagefright Android bug had 'sod all effect'

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I installed an app from play

It started to put popups in my notification area slowed down browsing and tried to get me to buy pointless stuff from rusia.

it was called Kapersky something.

I uninstalled it.

India: Yeah, we would like to 3D-print igloos on the Moon

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Why is rubbish on the moon more complicated than it is on earth?

Just need different coloured bins and the council will put it in different holes in the ground.

What's HPE Next? Now it's unemployment for 'thousands' of staff

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Re: In a nutshell

If you have a huge workforce and you can't think of anything to do with them to make a bit of money, you are a failure of a manager.

A Hughes failure: Flat Earther rocketeer can't get it up yet again

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No need to fly

You can tell the earth is round sitting on the beach in California watching ships sail to the horizon.

Provided you are not in a petrol smog caused by the rocketeers and other gasheads.

Lone wolves could be behind multi-million dollar Cryptowall ransomware racket

teknopaul Silver badge

lone Wolf

Every time I hear that I presume state intervention. It makes it easier when the shit hits the fan to rustle up just one 'culprit'. Who exactly was it recommending we just pay up?

Six things I learned from using the iPad Pro for Real Work™

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Real work for me requires a 105 key cherry keyboard head height monitor, 46" wide, straight backed chair, a gigabit network, and the ability to install the software I choose (and the software I write).

'iOS security is f**ked' says exploit broker Zerodium: Prices crash for taking a bite out of Apple's core tech

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Re: Fucked.

UK is suffering serious omnishambles inflation. They will have to devalue the word. They might even have issue a new word. Or not. Or not now. Or in the future.

ZTE Nubia Z20: It's £499. It's a great phone. Buy it. Or don't. We don't care

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Re: Not a Yotaphone

Presumably the second screen is more battery efficient in this phone? Anyone got any numbers on powerdraw per screen type. I guess hard to measure because more pixel means more numbers to crunch gpu/cpu.

Next; tech; meltdown..? Mandatory; semicolons; in; JavaScript; mulled;

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Re: "And it, feels, well, a little hurtful."

Technically its not ambiguous, asi has rules. As with truthy and falsey, it may be wierd to look at but there are strict rules.

If you jshint your code it usually looks decent

Bit of a time-saver: LibreOffice emits 6.3 with new features, loading and UI boosts

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lost work

Git takes the crown for me, in terms of lost work.

I'm sure its my fault for not understanding what a "detached head" is and all the rest of its ridiculous nomenclature.

700km on a single charge: Mercedes says it's in it for the long run

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: 350kW!!!!

I think EVs are exactly that. Huge bulk storage capacity that is mobile too.

I suspect EVs will not only be storing charge for the grid shortly but will be moving it too.

Rogue IT admin goes off the rails, shuts down Canadian train switches

teknopaul Silver badge

I have seen people work out their gardening leave.

I've also seen people walked to the door and it leaves the whole office in a state of shock and everyone, except hr, goes home early that day.

Air gapping PCs won't stop data sharing thanks to sneaky speakers

teknopaul Silver badge


Not sure it really takes "boffins" to work out out that you can communicate through the air with sound.

It requires someone who spends too much time on their own in their bedroom "hacking" to forget that.

Snapping at Canonical's Snap: Linux Mint team says no to Ubuntu store 'backdoor'

teknopaul Silver badge

If upstream code presumes things will work that dont in snap (e.g. accesses /tmp or /etc) the snap maintainer has to rewrite that code and maintain a fork. Pointless work.

Packaging for .deb is a no-brainer.

Review: Livin' in the cloud with Google's new Chromebook Pixel

teknopaul Silver badge

network only

A networkstorage only pc without an rj45,w00t. if it had usb3 you could connect to the lan. but usb2 wont reach gigabit. round here (barcelona) people have faster connection to the internet than wifi, ditto those on google fiber.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The unfashionable estate car wants to go to town

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Close but no cigar .....

Bluetooth is only a "step up" if you drink Apple cool aid.

Lower audio quality, two batteries to run out on you, non-standard.

Of course to Apple that reads...

Requires marketing, built-in obsolescence, brand loyalty.

Total WIPOut: IT chief finds his own job advertised

teknopaul Silver badge


Where does el reg get this continuos stream of comically shocked looking IT workers from?

Is it done in house? or is there a global ITOMG market?

IMHO They should be credited. Id buy A2 prints for the server room door.

Microsoft announces official Windows package manager. 'Not a package manager' users snap back

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: More than one distro?

Incidentally pacman runs on windows used by msys2.

Its great. You still have windows anoyances like line endings, and no root, but development process feel relativly normal. Pacman has lots of common libs and dev packages/headers.

Chinese dev jailed and fined for posting DJI's private keys on Github

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Re: Set up to fail

Github should have systems in place to prevent such situations.

Dont see why you cant have cloud plus ip whitelist. Https plus client certificates. Cloud plus vpn to access. Etc etc.

UK Home Office: We will register thousands of deactivated firearms with no database

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: "no requirement of 'registration' for deactivated firearms"

I guess the point is to be able to knick people trading firearms in such a way that, "oh I thought they were deactivated" is not a defense.

HP Inc waves bye to EMEA president with 'immediate effect'

teknopaul Silver badge

Printing physical copies of information is increasingly irrelevant in the office. They should make A4 ebook readers.

Death of the PC has been largly exagerated. Every workplace I go to is full of PCs, in Europe, usually with Dell logos.

Due to Oracle being Oracle, Eclipse holds poll to rename Java EE (No, it won't be Java McJava Face)

teknopaul Silver badge

not java

If JEE is not Java, Android is not java, OpenJDK is not Java.

That leaves Oracle's Java on the desktop & browser: how much is that trademark worth now?

Web devs griping about iPhone X notch: You're rendering it wrong

teknopaul Silver badge

"You shouldn't be depending on a particular part of your background wash being behind a particular part of foreground content."

what are position​, background-color, z-index, text-shadow, box-shadow and opacity all about then?

Raspberry Pi goes 2GB for the price of 1GB in honour of mini-computer's eighth birthday

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Many hapPi returns.

I have a similar story.

"little more than a plaything" is rather unfair.

Mine has been runnng every day since purchase and right now is using 88.1 of those 500mb.

I shall not be upgrading unless it dies.

Ex-director cops community service after 5,000-file deletion spree on company Dropbox

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Backups? We've heard of them...

Arguably Dropbox is a backup.

On an IT forum one would expect a lot of "wouldn't happen to me"responses, I think its a bit harsh to point the finger at the victim.

How are we going to search our hard disks now?

teknopaul Silver badge

grep searches binary

obviously, grep can't print a line of text it says something like binary file contains ..., but it finds it. and you don't have to hack the registry to get it to look

World+dog ignores Rubin's Wonderdroid

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I aleays wonder how if you wanted to market a new phone, giving out root would help.

Suddenly your old phone become a raspberry pi on steroids with a battery and full colour screen.

Rooting some phones is possible but not easy.

Swedish data centre offers rack-scale dielectric immersion cooling

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Re: In days of yore

Our hacklab had a fish tank* filled with oil and a 486 sunk in it that ran for years. Cpu fan and all.

* complete with san, placcy fish, lights and a sunken galleon.

Skype, Slack, other apps inherit Electron vuln

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Re: If you've built a Windows application on Electron...

Skype used to be written in QT.

I'm not sure what that does to your cross-platform/C++ argument. :)

I agree that Skype got shit when MS bought n broke it.

Node.js version 12 is now out: Let's pop the hood and see what's inside this JS runtime

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Re: V8 v7.4

And nodejs use semver but pump the major version every time. Planning v13 means already planing breakage of v12.

A backwards compatability drives is perhaps in order.

NPM serverside no longer suports latest Ubuntu LTS version.

Writing node code involves continuous maintenance.

Apple won't be appy: US Supremes give green light to massive lawsuit over App Store prices

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: @JustJasonThings

"...their own handset. Its theirs of course they do, it belongs to them."

They sold it to you. Mad people seem to have got used to the fact that Apple still pwn the iPhone they paid a grand for.

UK digital network Openreach takes 15 electric vans for a spin

teknopaul Silver badge

Word. Same as the notion that the only vehicle is a car and the only place to park it is next to the curb.

Loads if people buzzing about Barcelona on tiny little leccy vehicles these days. "Parking" them in their flats.

Microsoft reveals terrible trio of bugs that knocked out Azure, Office 362.5 multi-factor auth logins for 14 hours

teknopaul Silver badge

i n c r e m e n t a a a a l b a c k o f f f f f

Err heard of it.

libcurl has had auth leak bug since 'the first commit we recorded'

teknopaul Silver badge

location trusted

Ow how much will that break.

If you are sending auth headers the location _is_ trusted. If it redirects to a hackersite that was misplaced trust. But no reason to break the commandline internet.

AppSheet. Gesundheit! Oh, we see – it's Google pulling no-code development into a cloudy embrace

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: "The idea of no-code and low-code [..] is that business users can . ."

Famously they do. All Googlers are allowed to spend time on unsupervised side projects.

Turns out some people can write code without the help of a software middle manager.

'The inmates have taken over the asylum': DNS godfather blasts DNS over HTTPS adoption

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Another step

Heartily agree. What privacy do we get by using ssl to to dns via

Whoever we use we go to the ip on port 443 shortly after the dns lookup anyway.

Pi-lovers? There are two fresh OSes for your tiny computers to gobble

teknopaul Silver badge

noob boot

Not sure i like the idea of a pointy clicky initial boot process. My raspberry pis dont have keyboards or a mice. I do hope they have considered those of us that leave our pies in the attic.

That's no moon... er, that's an asteroid. And it'll be your next and final home, spacefarer

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Re: Will our Descendants Feel the Same Way?

Three generations of kids going "are we there yet". Imagine how happy they will be when step out on the cool wet grass of a new planet and can finally have a pee without someone watching.

America's comms watchdog takes on the internet era's real criminals: Pirate pastors

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Re: Basic Requirement

Whateva. But UK garage!

There is nothing important on legal fm radio these days.

However pirate radio has spawned a fair few important cultural revolutions.

I'm feeling radical because a policeman just flicked fag ash on my work trousers.


The D in SystemD stands for Danger, Will Robinson! Defanged exploit code for security holes now out in the wild

teknopaul Silver badge


If you are wondering what systemd-journald does its a bunch of high priv c code that replaces writing files in /var or the venerable and very fast syslogd that has no problems. I.e. journald is more, new, pointless systemd mission creep.

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Ahhhh shoot!

"if law enforcement fired on the drone from outside the airport, into it..."

Clever! Wait till it enters the same airspace as planes taking off and landing and add bullets. Planes were grounded because of the drone not beforehand.


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