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Mystery database left open turns out to be at heart of a huge Groupon ticket fraud ring

teknopaul Silver badge

Including groupon...

Buying in bulk for a discount and selling for more than that, is the biz model of both groupon amd the "fraudsters" in this case.

'WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?' Linus Torvalds explodes at Intel spinning Spectre fix as a security feature

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: higher than expected reboots

You miss the point, "reboots" is Intel marketing bullshit for "crash the whole system but we didn't actually brick the hardware and it can be restarted".

This better not be a cruel prank: Microsoft promises 99.99% uptime for Azure Active Directory from 1 April

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Paying customers only?

So what this says is, if we sell you something and don't deliver it at all, you get 25% back.

Thanks Microsoft, would you like to buy my car?

AWS sends noise to Signal: You can't use our servers to beat censors

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Block of flats

The domain name in a tls connection is only exposed if you use sni. Anyone know why they can not just use https without sni? Apple app policy perhaps?

'We're finding bugs way faster than we can fix them': Google sponsors 2 full-time devs to improve Linux security

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Convenience

Their internal OS distro is debian I heard.

Given they invented k8s and go I would imagine they run many kernels pretty bare in terms of what's around the kernel.

Microsoft hikes cost of licensing its software on rival public clouds, introduces Azure 'Dedicated' Hosts

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: virtual desktop.

Microsoft may drop windows Server support if you are off Azure, imho it'll be a long time before windows desktop is not an import part of Microsoft.

The web was done right the first time. An ancient 3D banana shows Microsoft does a lot right, too

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Web is already 30

"Everything there is online about W3 is linked directly or indirectly to this document"

is a bold statement! Probably verified at the time by a single human.

A memo from the distant future... June 2022: The boss decides working from home isn't the new normal after all

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: New Normal?

"Perhaps leadership courses for manglers would be money better spent?"

No. No. No. Defo spend the money on booze for the troops.

If you're despairing at staff sharing admin passwords, look on the bright side. That's CIA-grade security

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Numpties, the lot of 'em.

Any one want to join my setting up the CyberSpace Force. I suspect we can secure a decent budget for playing war games and flight simulations in cyber space.

Mystery database left open turns out to be at heart of a huge Groupon ticket fraud ring

teknopaul Silver badge

Yeah if you are _a criminal_ it makes perfect sense to knock out tech as fast as you can spending as little on security as possible until...

Hang on?

Wow. Apple's only gone and killed off Mac, iPad, iPhone family... figures for units sold to fans

teknopaul Silver badge

63 billion

Thats too much money.

Talk free market, walk Monolpoly.

Selling phones is not a natural monopoly. More and more the device that uses the internet _is_ the market.

How do you do, fellow kids? Facebook now Boomerbook as British oldies outnumber teens

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: "Young people are just smarter" and here is proof

Young people may be smarter but old people have more capital.

If the let him, Zuck will buy up competition.

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Good, good.

"the reasons why these EU citizens were forced to leave"

Because uncertainty is more scary than a known danger.

Thats why im leaving the UK for good.

Staff in a huff, personal call with Trump, picking fights with Twitter, upsetting civil-rights groups – a week in the life of Facebook's Zuckerberg

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: I still, to this day

I'm with AC on this one.

I have always found it suspicious how badly targeted Facebook ads are. The politics is well targeted.

Texas blacks out, freezes, and even stops sending juice to semiconductor plants. During a global silicon shortage

teknopaul Silver badge

Some photos of Cairo in the snow


Unprecedented: except when it's not.

Would-be .org gobbler Ethos Capital promises to keep prices down in last-ditch effort to keep $1.1bn deal alive

teknopaul Silver badge

10% is ridiculous and totally unjustified. Prices should drop.

Interested to know what percentage they are paying on the load they take out to buy .org.

I doubt they really have any capital.

Franco-German cloud framework floated to protect European's data from foreign tech firms slurpage

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Megalomaniacal Europeans try to rule the World: GAIA means Earth (mother)

Not sure how OPs mind linked Gaia with megalomania, when I hear Gaia I think intelligent mum. Or perhaps drippy hippy.

A-high: Prototype drug squad bot to patrol Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc for dodgy ads for opioids

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Simpler solution : Post adverts for ibogain treatment

You assume a oulution is sought by the powers that be. The US developed an opium addiction shortly after the CIA started operations in Afganistan.

Jus sayin.

Biker nerfed by robo Chevy in San Francisco now lobs sueball at GM

teknopaul Silver badge

Surely overtaking on the wrong side is a problem for wetware with one set of eyes but no different for a self-driving car?

Or am I missing something?

Perhaps it was British software?

Laser sauce, cheat code, jam seshs: The Waymo vs Uber trial kicks off

teknopaul Silver badge

We are absolutely sure that no Google tech is in our cars but we haven't seen it ever. Oh really.

Can't they have him for purgory just on those two conflicting statements?

Chrome spends a week at the top of the browser charts

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Untick

that would be great.

I assume you mean total IE share to have the same market share that windows on arm has of the tablet/phone market. :-)

Curse of Boeing continues: Now a telly satellite it built may explode, will be pushed up to 500km from geo orbit

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Where will the bits go?

Trick question? The speed is different depending on distance fron the surface of earth.

i.e 0 at 0r 2pi r on the surface.

ICANN finally halts $1.1bn sale of .org registry, says it's 'the right thing to do' after months of controversy

teknopaul Silver badge


They might think twice about that, with the vulture circling.

Well done. As a .org owner, thank you.


If the thing you were doing earlier is 'drop table' commands, ctrl-c, ctrl-v is not your friend

teknopaul Silver badge

Nothing will protect you from paste buffer full of valid commands.

I have been to this dark place: in CAT fortunately.

Empty buffer before logging on.

If on linux empty both buffers.

ICANN delays .org sell off after California's attorney general intervenes at last minute, tears non-profit a new one over sale

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Sorry!

You are wrong. Prices will rise. Each .org does not have profits to pay for that rise. Every penny that Ethos Capital makes will be stolen from a charity box.

As Uncle Sam flies spy drones over protest-packed cities, Homeland Security asks the public if that's a good idea

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: I submitted my comment

Honestly mate, how long have you been living in a world of targeted subliminal marketing.

They dont want your answers: they want you to read the questions.

We're not saying this is how SolarWinds was backdoored, but its FTP password 'leaked on GitHub in plaintext'

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: It's OK...

all you have to do is download and verify your own software to spot a hack like this. Stopping might be hard(ish) but detecting it is not.

Do you want to become a vulture? Now's your chance to join The Register's news desk

teknopaul Silver badge

drunken rants

Judging by the number of my drunken rants that get moderated into the trashcan, I fear the only editor that will trust me is vim.

Playdate handheld game system torn to pieces, crank and all

teknopaul Silver badge

The Silly Season

You learn a new thing every day. I thought silly season was from the first mushroom sprouting in North Wales until the first frost.

Oracle gets to Wercker, dines on container biz

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Time to start looking for alternatives to Wercker

agree, but did you notice the Oracle VP plays lip service to Open Source in that article?

That in itself is news.

Talk about a ticket to ride... London rail passengers hear pr0n grunts over PA system

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Train Strike - next week

What happens when your job is so pointless you literally have fuck all else to do at the helm than tug yourself off.

There should be limits to union madness too.

'No BS' web host Gandi lives up to half of its motto... Some customer data wiped out in storage server meltdown

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Talking about bullshit

FYI Atlantic just confirmed that backups are onsite by default but can be offsite they have multiple regions. I wonder if there is anyone apart from Gandi who does not do backups?

AMD takes a bite out of Intel's PC market share across Europe amid microprocessor shortages, rising Ryzen

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Things that increase cost of ownership and deployment

What makes a docking station expensive for you? We get a new dock with each PC refresh, ie every 4 years. RJ45 in the floor still works.

WebAssembly: Key to a high-performance web, or ideal for malware? Reg speaks to co-designer Andreas Rossberg

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: WaSm to you too

Seems like the majority of the work to be done with Wasm is going to be explaining it to people.

It's Baaaaaack (or is it?): Microsoft Teams suffers a Tuesday totter

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Teams is working for us...

I would include Skype in Microsofts graveyard.

For biz. Then not for biz. Then not for love nor money.

Do we need Windows patch legislation?

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Lawyers

yeah but the question was about essential public services, there are enough lazy banks out there to pay for the fix to be given free to the NHS.

Learn things? DROWN HTTPS flaw proves we don't even test things

teknopaul Silver badge

blame whois

How about this for an idea, every DNS entry has a whois email registered. Spam the email with security warnings if DNS registered https sites are found insecure.

Peak smartphone? iPhone X flunks 'supercycle' hopes

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Drop the price...

Google veblen goods.

For Apple if they have a sub par product it makes sense to hike the price because they are going to sell less.

Hate speech row: Fine or jail anyone who calls people boffins, geeks or eggheads, psychology nerd demands

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Don't need to SJW for me

he wasn't SJW, he was from the JPF as soon as it split form the PFJ

UK/China cyber security deal: National security attacks still OK, it seems

teknopaul Silver badge

china to UK

We know that you won't stop gchq from hacking the planet, but could you please stop doing it just to give government cronies a competitive advantage in business deals.

China's first space station to – ahem – de-orbit in late March

teknopaul Silver badge

per the piccy it seems to coast over Spain

The sky is falling on our heads! Any amount of it hit earth in a heavily populated area and its going to do damage.

Tutanota blames Comcast block for March 1 outage

teknopaul Silver badge

Suspicios tho int it?

Should be asking if there were any Comcast customers who were _not_ blocked during the same period. :)

I'd change ssl keys just to be on the safe side.

Right to repair shouldn't exist – not because it's wrong but because it's so obviously right

teknopaul Silver badge

Not so Smart

I had to dispose of a Smart car with 100,000k on the clock due to built in obselecence of computer components. Made me sick. Never buy anything from Mercedes.

AppGet 'really helped us,' Microsoft says, but offers no apology to dev for killing open-source package manager

YetAnotherJoeBlow Bronze badge

Re: Mandatory...


While you are being a bit more charitable than I am, you are spot on about package mirror support. Anything short of that, M$ will have laid their cards down face up.

Pope wants journalism like the Catholic church wants child sex abuse probes: Slow, aimless...

teknopaul Silver badge

Maybe fake news IS babble

Arsebook and The chocolate factory reached too high, so God in Her infinite wisdom, gave us fake-news and buzz-feltch and max 128 chars to expre

China sets goal of running single-stack IPv6 network by 2030, orders upgrade blitz

teknopaul Silver badge


I don't think that is how ipv6 works, sure there are lots of new ip addresses but they are still used for routing ip packets they are not arbitrarily assigned.

Boffins propose Pretty Good Phone Privacy to end pretty invasive location data harvesting by telcos

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Unless I'm wrong...

If you turn your WiFi and GPS on all day on an Android device Google with thoughtfully correct you approximated location whenever you are on Wifi.

You'll soon be fragging noobs on Kubernetes with Google's cloudy take on game servers

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Is this new?

Barcelona and much of Catalunya has 400 mbit connections for domestic customers. Most villages are fiber to the premises.

I did not know 144fps was a thing. 60 seems slick to my eyes.

Israeli authorities investigate NSO Group over Pegasus spyware abuse claims

teknopaul Silver badge

Re: Israel seems to be a hotbed for evil tech companies

Being surrounded by enemies is a state you get yourself into.

Hacking and spying on all your neighbours does not help.

Talking about the UK, natch.

Death in paradise: 'Cyber attack' takes out national government's IT

teknopaul Silver badge

This whole thing would be over in a couple of hours if they would lift the ban on flipflops* and sunglasses at work. Then Bri would pop round and run Norton.

*per their facebook page



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