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I wonder.

A very positive response eh?

Or were all the negative ones deleted at the moderators "discretion" I wonder?

I rarely if ever post here now due to the mods policy of not allowing criticism of some of the "writers" ( I just can't decribe them as journalists or reporters, as they far too often push agendas and personal opinions and insult those who do not share their world view) at ElReg.

Not to mention the casual attitude to ones personal private data given to the registraion process.

Lets face it this is a censorship policy not a moderation policy.

I do not often have much good to say about the US but at least they do for all its faults seem to allow true freedom of speech.

I have been a moderator on Slashdot for many years, and would recommned it as a site

of great credibility in the way it handles comments.

My opinion of the way the Reg handles comment would definately mean this post was rejected.

Most times now I only come here to read the BOFH.

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