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I think the low level

of noise is hiding something more - I am not about to go clicking the arrow to open the original post, read it and then hit back to continue reading the thread. Maybe I am just lazy, or maybe I am the only one who thinks like this, but that is at least *my*reality.

I am aware you used to get irrelevant posts with just a heading of "@Pete - great post" where you can't see what they meant, however I see it thusly*:

If a poster, in good faith, tries to quote / link back to a previous offering then it is not their fault that it is unintuitive to see what they are on about and it may well detriment my comment-reading experience when I just ignore it- however if some -tard replies to a random post with no indication of the post they are referencing then they obviously have nothing to say that I need trouble myself reading.

It would be interesting to see whether the general commentardary prefer the current system or would prefer some system where either the onus is on the quoter to indicate what they are quoting or where quoting is more specific. Like I say, I may be the only one who finds this detracts from the point of the comments - which lets face it is a significant reason for visiting this site.

I come for the sarcasm, but I stay for the comments. man I need to get a real life.....

*I like the word thusly

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