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Oh I'm sure I could give that a try given the chance [8]

It is a shame this won't get published, but let me try.

And hell, it better get published otherwise there will be a stern email sent to the moderations department telling them how moronic they are especially if there is an unwarranted delay.[1] The world, despite being full of the dumbest idiot commentards of the type normally found on this site, needs to hear my views! [2]

As those above and below me who also disagree with these regulations I raise a hearty glass. [3] They are based purely on self preservation of a certain person who probably won't even reply because they are a scared little moderator with no friends (hahaha)[4].

For more details see my blogpost at [5]. This contains details on why each and every register staffer and commenter [6] are desperate slimy corporation lovers [7] who sit at home playing with their wad of cash said company has provided them with. But what can you expect when they are in bed with <Corperate CEO> who kills children for their sweet, sweet, young blood[9] while living at 10 Nowhere Street, New Nowhereton mobile number 07123 456 789 [10].

But he's gay, black and a woman anyway. So what do you expect. [11]

With regards to this article "nasty icky anarchy" should clearly be "nasty, icky anarchy"[12] and the whole idea of a moderation policy stinks anyway [13]. I have reported all the comments who disagreed with me because they are scum [14].

If you refuse to publish this I will continue to post it. So get used to it. [15] I HATE YOU MODERATOR AND YOU SUCK AND SMELL OF POO[16].

Please publish this unless you are too scared to lest it ruins your good reputation.[17]

(p.s. by virtue of the length of the post I call [8] again for good measure)

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