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UK vs US, pedantry, and rejected comments

Interesting points, number nine and number 17. I cannot be absolutely sure what the libel laws are in the UK, but I have read several articles in which the target of a libel suit was actually telling the truth, but because the truth was besmirching the offender was found to be afoul of the laws. For the time being at least, in the US the truth is your shield, as well as reasonable interpretation of your comments being factual versus opinion. For instance, saying you think someone is a crook because of x, y, and z, versus saying that person is a crook due to some made-up event which you present as fact.

As well, if the US passes these idiotic "Net Neutrality" laws, allowing my contrary opinion to be posted in your forum may just become a human right -- or more accurately, a civil right.

Then there is the point on pedantry. I do not comment on offending posts (or rather, not often,) I just let them pass in forums. I do, however, exercise personal discrimination when reading such comments. I find it paramount that communications fit into a standard and contiguous model lest societies become fragmented, or fragmented further, by differing grammatical structures, dialects, etc. Unity requires commonality as the basis of communication.

Based upon my experiences with English and grammar instruction over the many years of my life, if I would be graded less than a grade of "C" for submitting a comment, said comment is ignored. I reject a comment out-right if it perpetrates particular offenses, such as "their/they're/there," "your/you're" and several other offenses. And I completely ignore Anonymous Cowards who will not own their assertions. (Exceptions given in cases of instances of whistle-blowing and such which absolutely require anonymity.)

And I find it interesting that ElReg apparently keeps track of rejected comments. Is it possible for us to see what comments of ours have been rejected over time? I do not think any of mine have been, but you never know. I know I have hit that 2000 character mark before as my diatribes tend to be pretty verbose.

Paris, a verbose diatribe.

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