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I have looked at your rejected comments - nine about Microsoft and one about Intel.

We have never pulled or rejected comments for fear of offending advertisers. And no advertiser has ever asked us to pull a comment.

May I refer you to this:

9. If we suspect comments of being libellous we reject them. We err on the side of caution. Remember we are subject to UK libel laws.

Also, to this.

17. Once again - moderation is at our discretion. Having your comment published on this site is not one of your human rights.

At the risk of repeating myself: this is our site and these are our rules.

Crying 'censorship' is ludicrous: everything our journalists write is open to public scrutiny, debate and dispute. And if not on our site - then via blogs and other websites. Everyone can say their piece: no-one goes to jail.

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