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UK government plans to spend over £100M on AI ... but copyright code is held up

TheMaskedMan Silver badge

"Instead, the government's context-based approach means existing regulators are empowered to address AI risks in a targeted way."

Hmm, context-based, empowered, targeted... sounds like a round of bullshit bingo is in full swing, there. Oh, and there will be a steering committee, too. The gang's all here! :)

As for the guy who thinks innovation works within regulation - no. That's why almost all of the big tech "gatekeeper" companies are left pondian.

I'm not convinced that AI needs too much regulation anyway, but it should come as no surprise that the British government is eager to be seen to be doing something they perceive as popular, but isn't eager to actually do it. Nor will the other side be any better, when they kick the current shower out in a few months. In fact, with a majority as large as I expect, they will probably be worse.

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