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UK government plans to spend over £100M on AI ... but copyright code is held up

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"one could also regard the outcome as more "wait and see" as lawmakers steer clear of imposing too many restrictions and risk making the UK less attractive for AI investors."


"Let's not scare off business"

Wanna square the circle? How does not blocking the technology risk making the UK less attractive to investors in the technology? I did laugh at this line-

"Furthermore, innovation – by its nature – finds a way (to work within regulation)"

No it doesnt. Regulate too hard and innovators break the rules and the law. Did the free market capitalists find a way to work or the communists? North Korea or South? East or West Germany?

Or more recent we have Co2 producing industry moving out of highly regulated and into less regulated countries. We can have our cake and eat it doesnt work.

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