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Re: His Majesty drops a right clanger ... if giving Royal Assent to a fascist type policy proposal?

When critical infrastructure is under attack from hostile enemy forces embedded and presiding over dodgy systems administrations within, and the following information from elsewhere suggesting such is a present ongoing desperate situation delivering a crooked playing field for losers, is overwhelmingly popular, and if necessary at times in certain spaces, almighty sinister resistance from A.N.Others designed Relatively Autonomous and Previously Anonymous and Virtually Untouchable, to be fully expected enthusiastically supported ..........

Welcome to the UK where it’s now official government policy that you CAN’T publish “misinformation”, but The Guardian, the BBC, Disney and Netflix CAN...

Yes, it’s true – the recently signed “Online Safety Act” brands the publication of “false information” a criminal offense punishable by up to a year in prison…

…unless you’re an MSM outlet, when it’s totally fine

Think even the corrupt & bloated criminal class that rules over us would never dare be that blatant?

Take a look at section 179 making it illegal to publish false information with intent to cause harm:

Section 179 – False communications offence

30. A person commits the false communications offence if they send a message conveying information that they know to be false, and at the time of sending it they intend the message to cause non-trivial psychological or physical harm to a likely audience (i.e. someone who could reasonably be foreseen to encounter the message or its content) and they have no reasonable excuse for sending the message.

31. This offence is intended to replace the offence in section 1(a)(iii) of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and (for England, Wales and Northern Ireland) the offence in section 127(2)(a) and (b) of the Communications Act 2003, which have been repealed by section 189 of the Act.

32. If several or many people are the “likely audience” then it is not necessary that the person intended to cause non-trivial psychological or physical harm to any of them in particular (or to all of them).

33. Proceedings for the false communications offence may be brought within 6 months of sufficient evidence in the opinion of the prosecutor, and after no more than 3 years after an offence has been committed.

34. This offence extends to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and is devolved. It is a summary only offence, which carries a maximum penalty of 51 weeks imprisonment or a fine (or both).

…and then look at section 180, which exempts all MSM outlets from this new law:

Section 180 – Exemptions from offences under section 179

35. This section sets out exemptions for the false communications offence, including an exemption for recognised news publishers and exemptions for holders of broadcast or multiplex licences, and providers of an on-demand programming service. This section also provides that the offence cannot be committed in connection with the showing of a film made for cinema to members of the public.

Welcome to the modern definition of “freedom of speech”, where the MSM are directly and explicitly permitted to “knowingly publish false information with intent to cause non-trivial harm”, and you can be sent to jail for a year for calling out their lies.

Oh, and it looks like our friends across the pond might not be far behind. The Big Tech Senate hearings started yesterday, and social media executives are already throwing their support behind the new “Kids Online Safety Act”.

With the EU’s own Digital Services Act coming into force later this month, and all the focus on “misinformation and disinformation” at Davos two weeks ago, we can see the real crackdown on internet free speech is about to kick into gear.

Good times.

Certainly nowadays are internetworking things delivering changed times, and whenever done well to crash and crush the cause of bad times, are good times guaranteed for all ...... so logically surely something widely to be supported by anyone and everything with a titter of wit, for what is not to like?!

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