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As hinted in the article its really about 'disrupting the competition (real or imagined)'. The whole Commie, PLA or whatever thing is just for the 'rubes. The reality is that Gina Raimondo, our public face of sanctions, seems to be utterly clueless about technology so her department is just thrashing around producing lots of paper on their (probably made in China) laser printers driven by their (also probably made in China) computers. A typical out-of-control bureaucrat, the sort that readily makes it onto the "Swampwatch" segment of the news programs.

I daresay the Chinese find this inconvenient but it doesn't seem to have slowed them down much. I'de rather we invested the time and energy in trying to speed us up and not by opening one or two overpriced facilities at taxpayer expense, I want to see ongoing investment in people, education and infrastructure and a tax regime that would 'encourage' this. Anathema to our financial types so I daresay we'll just carry on carrying on.

BTW -- its 'hordes'.

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