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"For the record, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence has found no indication that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab."

Yes, based on whatever they have been allowed to see by the Chinese, there is no evidence of a lab leak. Equally, if there was any 'smoking gun' showing natural origin it would have been very widely publicised, yet the Chinese scoured every inch of the Wuhan wet market without finding any evidence of natural origin of covid-19. The document you link shows pretty strong consensus that it was not deliberately developed as a bioweapon, and that it wasn't genetically engineered, but rather less committal to it not being lab-developed through normal breeding.

- the closest known relative of covid either made it's own way 500 miles to Wuhan, mutating on the way to a form deadly to humans, but without infecting a single human in between. Or alternatively, covid started in Wuhan because it already was in Wuhan

- scientists presented a funding proposal months before covid to develop, in Wuhan, a virus based on bat virus, but additionally contagious to humans based on a specific furin cleavage site and connective markers that were exactly the same as those found in covid, but when the proposal was turned down they just didn't do anything, and the exact replica of what they wanted to develop naturally occurred months later. Or, they somehow found the funding and did it anyway and it escaped?

While there still is no specific evidence either way, Occam's razor very definitely points one way

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