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We know nations are going after critical systems, but what happens when crims join in?

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

It’s a when, not if

Per the title, these types of exploit will be jealously hoarded until a concerted attack is mandated by the powers in control - as long as they ARE in control.

Uncontrolled release in criminal space is arguably undesirable to the state developers. You lose out on the weaponisation shock of impact and give away your poker hand.

Why on earth the world’s utilities continue to “digitise” because buzzword when networks ran just fine on analogue for decades is a good question. Mostly is a cost and supply chain issue. Remnants of the analogue world can still be found in quantity though the list of supporters is drying up. My own CBAs in this space say that the cost and risks linked to being evergreen and digitised are much, much higher than keeping those ancient techs circulating; even putting them back in production.

And so why don’t we do it?

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