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> "I think that 4G is good enough"

It's good enough for Xwitter and whatsapp addicts. After all, 3G was good enough for your email, and yet you got 4G a decade later.

Today, 4G is not good enough for URLLC use cases such as extended reality, remotely operated vehicles and drones, or mobile cloud gaming. As well as for high density use cases such as smart grids, smart agriculture and smart cities. In many areas, in the US, 5G already offers better throughput than fibre-based home broadband (so called "ultra wide band"). Industry 4.0 5G based private networks should also boost productivity through the next wave of AI based automation. Finally, 5G comes with a marked progress in energy efficiency. If only for that reason, you do need 5G.

Above all, what 5G can do that 4G can't, is the capbility to tailor the network in many different ways, to adapt to a lot of different cases. Not everybody is happy with just buffering videos from a big dumb fat download pipe.

So, speak for yourself: you might be satiated with 4G, but your children won't get enough of 5G. And your grand children of 6G.

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