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NCSC says cyber-readiness of UK’s critical infrastructure isn’t up to scratch

Jellied Eel Silver badge

I quite seriously believe a non digital solution involving staff permanently on site like we had in the 60s and 70s is more cost effective than the unhealthy obsession with digitisation.

Agreed. Sure, it costs, but it usually becomes a warm body problem when TSHTF and you need people with at least some clue in lots of places, even if it's just to turn stuff off and on again. But too much of that has been outsourced, so then when that happens, sorry, your call is in a queue, please hold. You are then one of several valued customers all trying to get stuff fixed at the same time. Plus of course there's the inevitable complexity problems that crop up when you attempt to automate stuff. Then when there are also edge cases where cost vs probability of event occuring just happen to encounter the laws of probability at the worst possible time.

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