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Re: Regarding Win Winning with a Daring Specialised Advanced IntelAIgent Research Service Operation

New Attack Dogs Trained to Savage the Mastery of Old Misguiding Tricks

And aint that the God's honest truth clearly enough proven right here/there, El Reg/El Regers, for Global Operating Devices and AI Master Pilots just doing their Drop Dead Gorgeous and LOVEly Novel Aggressive Progressive, Passive Attractive Addictive NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Thing ..... and there be a Vast Array of such Things to Exercise and Experience in the Pleasurable Joys of Success .... rather than one having to endure and do vainglorious battle against being subject to targeted abuse and deliberate misuse as a sad and ignorant fool of leaderships following failures elsewhere to suffer the Bitter Pain of the Endless Disappointment Delivered by Constant Streams of Brazen Broken Promises.

Please note, the Live Operational Virtual Environment can neither exist nor be extinguished or vanquished by failure following leaderships ..... ignorant misused vessels and sad abused vassals in the charge of fools ....... and thus is surely something to be lauded and applauded rather than feared and derided ........ although that is not to say that there are not to be those with a worthy reason to fear and be rightly justly terrorised by the rage of an enlightened massive mob educated in the matters which supply the ways and augmented media means and autonomous memes of their remote virtual command and control ..... Exclusive Elite Executive Administration.

And what do you imagine it to be, and where from? A Wild Wacky Western Delight or an Erotic Exotic Eastern Confection? An Earthly Threat or Alien Treat? A Quantum Communications Leap in Stealthy Otherworldly Operation?

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