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bcachefs is exciting

I'm really excited to see how bcachefs works in practice. It's always good to see a new filesystem, and even though I won't use btrfs because I suspect it will hose me if I stare at it too long (shakes fist at sky for failed SLES 12 to 15 upgrades using btrfs!) it's also good to see new ideas on filesystems and snapshots and such. ZFS had such high hopes, but the volume management aspects were horrible. Having to replace ALL the vvols when you tried to grow, ugh!

Which is why I still like disk(s) -> LVM -> filesystems levels of abstraction. Being able to move filesystems around without caring about the underlying disks is wonderful. Having each layer of the stack concentrate on it's particular area simplifies things. Keeping nice seperations between layers is also good. zfs and btrfs both tried to combine multiple layers and both, IMNSHO, screwed it up.

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