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Biden has brought the ban hammer down on US export of AI chips to China

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I ran into an ITAR/EAR restriction a while back, getting hold of a server chip for a low power folding b0xen.

Turns out that the E3 I'd selected was on a US embargo list despite being over a decade old and long obsolete.

The exact reason was that it had an ECC controller which made it an "industrial" chip so had to source it from a UK seller.

Fun fact, that chip won't work on ECC unless the motherboard also has the appropriate controller.

It did however do some pretty extensive folding at 45W TDP before I finally sold it on, probably to some UK person who with

any luck used it for its intended purpose.

Some GPUs are already on "The List" notably even consumer grade decade old cards.

Interesting aside here, my research actually got some interest from a TLA in the US (!) who emailed back to ask exactly

what my intentions were regarding the quantum sensing device.

It works, but no idea what to use such a thing for and as such not clear if I can patent it due to the component parts being

long obsolete and impossible to obtain unless you have a pile of them from when Tek closed down.

AC because.. (insert tinfoil hat symbol)

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