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"Sad to say but Windows still wins because it handles many common desktop use cases far better than the competition."

That very much depends on the use cases. And where they don't include gaming the alternatives do often perform a lot better than Windows, while also avoiding all the baggage and crap that Windows brings.

"On macOS, web browsing uses up to 3x the RAM per tab and Apple doesn’t seem to care because brainwashed fanboys will keep chanting “unused RAM is wasted RAM” while watching poorly coded apps suck the cache pool (which that phrase is referring to) completely dry. 32GB RAM is barely enough to keep memory pressure in the green for me on macOS Sonoma just browsing the web, loading a few office apps, a scripting IDE and a handful of TeamViewer sessions. "

I'm not seeing that, and we have users with well over 50 active tabs in Safari, plus email (Apple Mail), Zoom and other productivity apps (none from Microsoft, though) on measly Mac minis M1 with 8GB RAM, and memory pressure remains low. All across >1500 users.

Besides, those "brainwashed fanboys" are absolutely correct when saying that unused RAM is wasted, so I'm not sure the snark was appropriate. Especially since it's only marginally relevant for your problem, which is likely caused by a memory leak in one of your apps (and if those "few office apps" you mentioned happen to be from Microsoft then that may well be your culprit right there, especially Teams is a real shit show on both Windows and mac OS).

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