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Biden has brought the ban hammer down on US export of AI chips to China

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Several confusions in your comment.

- The fact that laws against importing "illegal drug and weapons" are [partially] enforced has the effect of reducing the available volumes of these trafficked goods. It is reasonable to assume that these restrictions have some of the intended effect. The fact that there are cases of tax evasion does not mean that taxes should be abolished.

- GPUs are not "smuggled out". They are legally exported to most countries. If you had read the articles, what is now the object of the new regulations are chips that were deliberately designed to "" skirt under the [previous] Commerce Department's restrictions". So we are talking about direct sales from US producers to "sensitive countries" buyers.

But maybe you would like to advocate that restrictions are useless. So why don't we sell F35s to the PLA, while we're at it?

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