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Meta Quest 3 is a virtual reality of repair insanity

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I'd be more worried if it was good

Let Metaface crash on the rocks with this one. They will be as bad a steward and as bad an actor as they were with social media and mobile advertising.

We don't need them turning the world's shared virtual space into the same kind of hellscape. And that's without bringing up the literal genocide and ethnic cleansing that they enabled.

Apple's not the ideal steward of AR or VR, but they aren't trying to take over the world with it. Just extend their walled garden. Whoever doesn't want to play their game or pay for their expensive hardware will have other choices in a more open ecosystem.

Zuckerberg has other ambitions, and if you look at how their AI/ML push is going, you should be afraid of strapping a Quest to your face for any length of time.

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