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Maybe it is.

When once upon a time, I used windows as my primary OS, it was a well know "joke" that every other windows release was "Beta"

But they surpassed themselves with windows releases by making sweeping changes to the UI not just once, but three times.

Windows 8 was a disaster - it was Microsoft trying to enter the mobile OS game by cobbling together a single unified OS.

It was pants.

They rolled it back a little with Windows 10, then went and threw the baby out with bathwater AGAIN with windows 11.

No lessons learned, continuous dabbling - beta releases all round.

The glory days were win2k, winXP and win7 - everything since has been annoying and awful.

The direction they are headed? Cloud only "headless" PC's with AI built in, whether you like it or not.

It's going to be an operating system as a service eventually - a monthly fee, where microsoft can change _anything_ on your computer _whenever_ they want.

ALL of your data will be in the cloud, you WILL have AI whether you like it or not.

You will get updates, whether you want them or not - but you won't even notice it happening. No warning. No choice.

It isn't your computer, it isn't your operating system, it isn't your data.

If you are a smart computer user and still using windows? - time to get out now - plenty of alternatives out there!

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