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AMD graphics card users report gremlins with Windows 11

Stuart Castle Silver badge

I have an MSI motherboard like that.. Every time I update the firmware, it resets all the UEFI settings to default, so I have to go through their God awful "Click BIOS" menu changing everything back to the settings I use, because I like WOL enabled, doing stuff with Virtual Machines and not having all the fans on the PC running at full speed the whole time. I have a very old case, with a PC that is about 3 years old in it. The PC normally runs almost silently if I have the fans tuned correctly. But if they aren't tuned, they run at full speed and are bloody noisy when they do that.

Still, the software is crap as well. My PC is using a gaming motherboard. I didn't want one, but this motherboard was the only one compatible with the then new 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs, and I wanted a new Ryzen. Because it's a gaming motherboard, it has RGB LEDs on it. It's a cheap motherboard, so the LEDs are rather crap. I also have an RTX 2080 which, in common with a lot of consumer graphics cards, has lots of RGB LEDs on it.. Thee can look quite pretty, but I generally leave both off.. This is why I had to use their software. The Firmware does not allow you to turn off the LED lights, or control them in any way. They are just on, and follow the same pattern they did the last time the software was run. When Windows boots, and the software runs, it sets up the LEDs according to what you've selected. I sleep in the room the PC is in. If I leave it on, I don't want bright LEDS shining through the case vents, and lighting my room, even if they are pretty rainbow colours.

And yes, despite not having an AMD graphics card, I've had to uninstall MSI's management software in recent days because the machine keeps bluescreening with it installed. It doesn't even need to be running, just installed.

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