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Your praise for Apple's power adapters confuses me. Yes, they have the option to simply plug the transformer into a socket without a cable going between the two, but this also means that the transformer can easily block other sockets or cause other problems. This gets worse as the laptop's power requirements increase, because they always make the transformer longer to deal with this. The one that only puts out 45 W can probably fit neatly in a few places, but the one that makes 85 W not so much. It can easily block nearby sockets, is too big to fit into recessed sockets, and can be heavy enough that you don't want to install it on vertical sockets in a few countries. If you have any of those problems, the solution is a cable included in the box (at least it used to be) that goes from the socket to the transformer, exactly what you didn't like about this one. Is a box in the middle of a cable really so big a problem? I doubt it's as massive or heavy as the ones for gaming laptops, so if it's as small as some of the ones I've seen, it makes relatively little difference.

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