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Rivos not necessarily guilty

If it is proven that soon-to-be-ex-Apple staff downloaded designs and the like onto their personal devices, then it's a problem with those employees, not with Rivos. On the other hand, even if Rivos 'induced' them to do this, the employees in question should've considered what moral compass those people at Rivos who induced them to do this are showing (and accordingly, what moral compass Rivos has) and declined the offer (and possibly reported it - maybe that's how Apple found out... being told by other employees who stayed put).

It's a mess. If what you've taken is the output of your own work (albeit for your employer at the time), I can understand that you want to be able to show off or reference what you've built/designed/done, but for the benefit of a new employer as-is? No, that's stupid and irresponsible, and it would be short-sighted and irresponsible from Rivos to ever induce people to do this and then also use what they brought with them.

That all said, if you signed an intellectual property agreement, and you can show that you are using your knowledge of what you do, *not* specifically the intellectual property you produced, you're on the right side of the agreement, even if the lawyers disagree. IPAs that unnecessarily hobble you after you leave or trade restriction clauses in contracts are rubbish and should be declared illegal the world over. Chip designers are not a dime a dozen, so it's not like you can just walk into another job somewhere else and do something completely different. If you're a specialist, it sucks to be restricted from what you love doing for a long period of time.

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