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Thanks to Snowden and the Crypto AG saga we all know to what lengths the US will go to in order to get its tentacles into other countries networks.

The same can be said of all nations with the capacity to carry out such initiatives. That includes China but also the UK, Russia, EU member states, Five Eyes members etc.

However, for the US to come out and promote its 'Clean Networks' programme was both an insult and a joke. How could they even say that with a straight face?

Networks are based on international standards. Those are the only networks that count.

As for Chinese laws that require national participation from Chinese companies, well that is no different from the US issuing an executive order to get the same result. All under the guise of National Security.

What history and Snowden have shown us is that the US denies doing lots of things until it actually gets caught doing those exact same things. Lie through your teeth until you get whacked over the head with the truth.

The US is running scared after seeing Huawei gain so much influence in 5G standards and now conducting so much research into 6G.

They are so out of touch with reality that Trump even asked if they could create their very own 5G just for the US (maybe Apple could do it, he said). Look how difficult it is proving - today - for Apple even to get a 5G modem out of the door).

Huawei then put them on the spot publicly by offering to licence it's entire 5G stack (source code etc, the whole shebang) to a US consortium.

That offer was rejected and from there we knew this was not about 'clean' or even dirty networks. It was about control, protectionism and maintaining US hegemony in the tech sphere.

Huawei deals with an average of one million intrusion attempts on its systems every day.

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