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Beware smarting SMARTR startup vendors with upstart monikers. They might take offence ....

...... and demand satisfaction

More complex AI can have greater impact.

More complex AI will undoubtedly deliver greater impact and overwhelming competitive and oppositional advantage and will certainly be quite naturally expensive for all those who would not themselves possess, but would desire and be required to both lease purchase and need to have wielded for them, by those and/or that which are so blessed with such assisted information deploying revolutionary knowledge and valuable novel hindsight rich foresight supplied by what is best easily and accurately described and labelled, for simple widespread understanding of workings in a vast array of undeniably complex related fields, as SMARTR .... SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research.

And whenever both a Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer and Great Game-changing are all risks and substantial crippling losses catastrophically suffered by wanton and wilfully negligent non adopters and shady shadowy players expecting past successful defensive systemic strategies of a previous analogue age to once again prevail and prevent a leading change of outright command and control into alien hands, hearts and minds in a now fully remotely virtualised universal environment.

And such is the current here and now situation so to suggest that years of hard work to blend public and private models, not to mention adding an org's own data, are necessary to employ and enjoy the resultant SMARTR rewards and advantages, are misleading whenever such works be already undertaken and taken care of by SMARTR AIgents.

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