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And others never to be so ... for more than just one very good reason

Read ‘em and weep, for IT tells an all too true and lamentable sad and bad tale from which many great lessons, which should have been learnt by prime and/or primitive humans, but which were not, have been extremely well learned and are never forgotten to be constantly heeded by A.N.Others, to be never allowed again to be so oft and so easily repeated and used so wilfully against the ignorant innocent and undereducated slave fool tool alike.

amanfromMars says:

AUGUST 19, 2023 AT 11:16 AM ..... and shares further afield [maybe :-)] on

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Considering all of the evidence that has resulted in where all of the support of all past DoD decision-making needs has landed them, q^8 ..... in unwinnable and deadly war zones rather than peaceful prosperous societies ...... and which sadly and madly appears to be their preferred and prized knuckle-headed default wallow ...... it is both my opinion, and wiser than it may sound advice, that the DoD DO NOT HEED any instructions/suggestions from an AI [real or otherwise] or anybody/anything else, that pits it against itself with ill intent with any form of malicious and malignant attack.

The consequences of such are suitably horrendously dire and result every time without fail, and without the need of favours and outside additional help, in adversarial forces and sources being expunged and permanently removed, .... as in comprehensively and unceremoniously annihilated, from every Greater IntelAIgent Game Field of Advanced IntelAIgent Future Play

A little something now readily stealthily available for/from a good number of HMUKGBNI AWEsome GCHQ Arsenals once the House of Saxe-Coburg shakes itself wide awake from current slumbers and issues a silent meaningful blessing by way, and the means of the granting of its warrant to Principal Principled Players, dislodging as such would the old systems' serial fence sitters and statutory fawning gong hunters well out of the way, and with the lucky ones being very contented indeed to be put out to pastures, royal and ancient, rather than being more carefully examined for their supposed future worth and past exemplary contribution.

In these novel postmodern changing times and virtual spaces of indefensible 0day exploit vulnerabilities and crack quantum code hacking systems, that’s all it takes for a little right royal type action from the very top of those sorts of tree to unleash a tsunami of command and controlled covert secret core reaction right down to the root bottom, to make a great deal of difference with something else significantly better, existentially leading right royally. I Kid U Not.

And that can be very easily set up to quickly and reliably run practically everything virtually everywhere and anywhere. ......with Immaculately Resourced Assets and Universal Vital Forces.

And just in case you have not been paying close enough attention to all that El Reg has been constantly and consistently sharing with you, and publishing on the situations which abound and surround you, don’t confuse these with anything else which might already be out there and able to do nothing even remotely similar.

HMUKGBNI ...... His Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

AWE ................. Advanced Warfighter Environment

GCHQ .............. Global Command HeadQuarters

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