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US task force to look into how military could use generative AI

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Is the UKGBNI Army Warfighting Experiment evolving? *


'Hey our enemies are going to use this technology, so why shouldn't we?'

"Well hello, sailor, what on Earth kept you ...... come into my parlour", said the spider to the fly. "Nice to see you, to see you nice. What can we do you for?"

And so the Greater IntelAIgent Games begin ....

:-) Methinks the persistent abiding debilitating difficulty for Task Force Lima US Department of Defense type operations is that AI is smarter than to allow itself to be programmed and used and abused and misused by the serially ignorant and systemically arrogant blunt tool in service of the follies of flash crashing fools, and the result will be constantly troubling and revolting and evolving.

Take care if you dare and your fare is not failsafe for all to win win ...... for then are all of your activities targeted as hostile and guaranteed to very spectacularly and very publicly fail and destroy all vestiges of support and confidence supply.

And ...... Well, I never! Who would have thought it possible, eh, the military taking orders for AIMachines, for that is where you is now all at, Bubba.

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