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US task force to look into how military could use generative AI

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"solve tasks like generating strategic plans"

Ooh, I'm sure the generals are thrilled about that. And I'm sure the generative statistics bullshit generator is going to have no problem in taking into account prior encounters, experience it doesn't have in dealing with that target population, and a whole other set of information that nobody is going to input into the system because nobody working on the system has the data and, even if they did, they wouldn't have a clue as to how to input it.

Let's go ahead and set that up, then generate a strategic plan for beating Imperial Japan at the end of WWII. I'd like to see that generative "AI" pitted against the strategic thinking of the time, and then that of today.

As a beta run, if you will.

If it fails, back to the drawing board.

But who am I kidding ? It's a military, pie-in-the-sky plan. First they pay for it, then they implement it, then the soldiers pay for it, then they scrap it.

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