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Canada's Telus to shed 6K workers as profits plunge 61%


We're going to MURDER TELUS, ROGERS, BELL, Verizon, BT and most every OTHER WORLDWIDE Telecom provider later this year when we FINALLY publicly introduce our 64k by 64 array of Trapped Xenon particle Quantum Communications chips which will allow for Spooky Action at a Distance (aka Quantum Entanglement-based) via full duplex PetaBYTES per second data rates! YES! We at NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) have SOLVED the decoherence issue and have our own version of Q-ECC (Quantum Error Correction) via INFERRED Daata Set/Get infrastructure on-on-the-chip at nano-scales!

We are also OPEN SOURCING THE TECHNOLOGY for all the smartphone manufacturers who can embed the tech directly into the handsets so peer-to-peer network voice, video and data can happen ANYWHERE ON EARTH and off it WITHOUT needing ANY telco provider!

We Win!

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