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I haven’t had a telephone line for more than a decade, not even cellular. Though I had taken advantage of Fongo’s freeware VOIP solutions including “”.

I’ve got about 10 years of “demand invoices” from Telus (formerly A.G.T.), and receiving one or two more each month, all informing me of my unresolved account balance of $0.00 still owing. One day I might go drop them off back to Telus global HQ in downtown Calgary (about 5km bike ride).

The real reason Telus is struggling is because they are retrofitting each and every structure in Calgary with the Fibre Optic connection. They come around and hydrovac a small tunnel from your front yard to the service portal (being that most of Calgary is serviced by underground utilities, including electrical, water, sewage, natural gas, plus one each of telephone + coaxial cable TV).

I used to “make do” with my bottom-of-barrel, 5-million baud (5 Mbps) cable internet, but now they’ve upgraded me & fellow laggards to 250 Mbps minimum speed. Funny thing, it’s still a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, of which all devices lower than DOCSIS 3.1 are still threatened to be obsoleted by next year.

(The way Telus roving gangs operate is they come to your door and apologize that the only way they can get that fibre optic connection strung is to tie it to the coax and pull it into the structure that way, which unfortunately destroys the cable service, but that’s ok because there hasn’t been cable TV in about as long as people stopped paying for landline telephone, or newspapers. You know, they don’t even charge for the library card anymore either? As a matter of fact they don’t even charge late fees anymore too! In fact… when’s the last time I even went to the library? And yet I still have hundreds of books kicking around the place, peculiar.)

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