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Baidu builds AI into cars so you can distract the kids with text-to-image tools

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Don't mock the assisted drawing

or the car makers will take it away but *still* insist on having "AI enabled" *something* (just for market differentiation, as the quote in the article notes).

At least pictures of flying pandas are safe. Encourage this idea in cars across the world (ok, it'll be pictures of eagles and/or wolves in other countries, or flying teapots in certain other regions-with-obvious-stereotypes).

Otherwise we're going to get "enhanced" wipers (trained in California weather, confuse Manchester for the car wash and refuse to come out of hiding); headlights (that "helpfully blink to warn the car turning across your lane that you are approaching fast, to make sure that they have seen you"); windows (that roll down every time you crawl past the Bradford and Bingley "drive in bank" during rush hour in the snow).

Or worse, some maniac is going to connect the AI to the steering!

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