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I'm fairly certain Logitech make most of the microsoft branded gear, so I'm going to say like I do every time this topic comes up, re-release the natural desktop 7000 kit - for my RSI there's no mouse come close to the one bundled with that, I'm stuck using a trackball after my last two died (one due to the duracells leaking which was quite galling as I'd bought "premium" batteries in hopes they wouldn't) and my two remaining 4000 keyboards and going (the home one's not too shabby, but the office one has no key markings on half and the leatherette padding is more duct tape than leatherette).

You can see the insane prices the second hand versions of these are going for funded by those of us who have found nothing that comes close to prevent the agony of "non-specific lower limb pain" (which is a stupid name to swtich RSI to, given, let me tell you dear reader, it's pretty fucking specific where the lower limb pain is..) - logitech would make bank releasing these again, I'd straight up happily buy a stack to horde for the rest of my days..

(especially if they had more modern conveniences like be rechargeable than having batteries, but keep the form factor..)

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