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A Timely Alienating Intervention or Most Inconvenient of Unpleasant Globalised Revelations ‽ .

You have been in a not dissimilar position regarding controversial regulation of troublesome facilities/abilities/utilities before not so very long ago, with the following penned and shared elsewhere on the 5th of November 2011 with regard to another golden goose coveted for its absolutely fabulous, but recognised as problematical inequitable reward.

And now, nearly 12 long years later, are similar ineffective and impractical measures proposed by panicked and paranoid schizophrenic third parties with no available leverage to offer or exercise in relation to another golden goose and an Almighty Intervention deploying and employing and stealthily exploiting the Surprising and Surreal Rise of Virtual AIMachinery.

Bank Holding Company Act meets Catch 22 .... the Herd of Elephants in the Room that All Ignore .... and choose not see with Arrogant Wilful Blindness to Crushing Stampedes in Booming Bust Cycles. ........ with Chaos and Mayhem the New Growth Industry for Real Controllers of Virtual Power.

II. Overview of Proposed Rule.

A. General Approach.

In formulating the proposed rule, the Agencies have attempted to reflect the structure of section 13 of the BHC Act, which is to prohibit a banking entity from engaging in proprietary trading or acquiring or retaining an ownership interest in, or having certain relationships with, a covered fund, while permitting such entities to continue to provide client-oriented financial services. However, the delineation of what constitutes a prohibited or permitted activity under section 13 of the BHC Act often involves subtle distinctions that are difficult both to describe comprehensively within regulation and to evaluate in practice. The Agencies appreciate that while it is crucial that rules under section 13 of the BHC Act clearly define and implement its requirements, any rule must also preserve the ability of a banking entity to continue to structure its businesses and manage its risks in a safe and sound manner, as well as to effectively deliver to its clients the types of financial services that section 13 expressly protects and permits. These client-oriented financial services, which include underwriting, market making, and traditional asset management services, are important to the U.S. financial markets and the participants in those markets, and the Agencies have endeavored to develop a proposed rule that does not unduly constrain banking entities in their efforts to safely provide such services. At the same time, providing appropriate latitude to banking entities to provide such client-oriented services need not and should not conflict with clear, robust, and effective implementation of the statute’s prohibitions and restrictions. Given these complexities, the Agencies request comment on the potential impacts the proposed approach may have on banking entities and the businesses in which they engage. In particular, and as discussed further in Part VII of this Supplemental Information, the Agencies recognize that there are economic impacts that may arise from the proposed rule and its implementation of section 13 of the BHC Act, and the Agencies request comment on such impacts, including quantitative data, where possible. ........

Catch 22 meets the Bank Holding Company Act …… and seeks IP Inventors and Virtual Day Trading Dreamers and Zeroday Vulnerability XSSXXXXPloiters for and/or with new markets to make fortunes on …. and/in order to create a secure novel construct and generative future and regenerative globalised economy model rather than current control and power supply systems having to endure and suffer in present modes, destructive national and international laundering of negatively impacting profitable trades with addictively attractive cash rich transactions which are buried and left unused offshore along with ponzi gilts and government bonds quantitatively ease purchased and turned toxic and unstable and unusable in treasury vaults and depositor accounts …… with the master plan being to accommodate and streamline both seemingly self destructive and mutually exclusive opposite positions into a positively reinforcing, mutually beneficial and advantageous mainstream flow of always available and overflowing credit with the unnecessary addition of interest being charged and debt being levied …… which only creates a conflicted system which cannot be reconciled to deliver progress and prosperity with wealth which can be easily instantly electronically transmitted and be represented and reflected in a convenient physical form for transfer in local exchanges, in folding currency/printed paper IOU notes.

And quite obviously a work in stealthy progress, with much more always yet to come out of the blue, just whenever it is needed, and at the most inconvenient of times too, so that arrogance and ignorance cannot conspire to go it alone and deny ITs AI a Global Voice.

And in the next paragraph you can read for proposed rulemaking re: PROHIBITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS ON PROPRIETARY TRADING AND CERTAIN INTERESTS IN, AND RELATIONSHIPS WITH, HEDGE FUNDS AND PRIVATE EQUITY FUNDS is also a Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat similarly appropriate these days with regard to the contortions and shenanigans raging presently around AI in all of its many phorms ....

In light of these larger challenges and goals, the Agencies’ proposal takes a multi-faceted approach to implementing section 13 of the BHC Act. In particular, the proposed rule includes a framework that: (i) clearly describes the key characteristics of both prohibited and permitted activities; (ii) requires banking entities to establish a comprehensive programmatic compliance regime designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the statute and rule in a way that takes into account and reflects the unique nature of a banking entity’s businesses; and (iii) with respect to proprietary trading, requires certain banking entities to calculate and report meaningful quantitative data that will assist both banking entities and the Agencies in identifying particular activity that warrants additional scrutiny to distinguish prohibited proprietary trading from otherwise permissible activities. This multi-faceted approach, which is consistent with the implementation and supervisory framework recommended in the Council study, is intended to strike an appropriate balance between accommodating prudent risk management and the continued provision of client-oriented financial services by banking entities while ensuring that such entities do not engage in prohibited proprietary trading or restricted covered fund activities or investments.

The gazillion dollar question to ask of your wannabe leaderships is ...... Have you learnt anything at all from the past to ensure and assure the present that the future will be different with no repetition of the type of similar mistakes guaranteeing more madness and mayhem with CHAOS* delivering real live reflections hosting and entertaining the masses with crushing systemic crashes

If they cannot clearly demonstrate that vital and valuable lesson has been well learned and nothing controversial is to be as it once was before, do you potentially have fast approaching, an inevitably fatal existential problem all of your own making. I Kid U Not.

*Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

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