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EU launches 4 testbeds to put AI tech through its paces before it goes to market

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> Providers of AI-driven solutions get the opportunity to test their products in real environments to assess if they meet the customer needs

Shouldn't the "solutions providers" have done that already? Verified against Requirements Specs and so on?

> TEFs support the new legislation, which called for regulatory sandboxes. Through rigorous testing, developers can ensure their technology is trustworthy and complies with laws so it can be deployed and made commercially available

Ok, that bit is more sensible - hopefully the TEFs do what all (good) test labs do and issue a certification (with the very carefully worded list of what tests performed and results obtained).

But possibly not a bottom line of "therefore this is safe to release" just in case it goes all Skynet after 18 months and they don't want to shoulder any part of the blame ('cos who can predict what it'll do with unpredictable User inputs?)

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