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Government created the problem for government to solve

Here is the issue... States like Oregon require "like for like" infrastructure improvements.

That is fine & dandy if there are copper wires hanging on poles. Ziptie on some fiber and the whiz-bang the improvement is done.

Copper wires buried in the ground...not so much. It isn't the 1950's any more. Telco's aren't just permitted to dig a trench, toss in some cable, and push the dirt back in. Far from it. Government requires all sorts of permits for disturbing the earth. There might be a sacred plant of endangered gopher, so there will need to be an environmental study before the first shovel touches the ground.

That is why we will NEVER see wired high speed Internet service in rural America. This money doled out by the current administration will just go to feed the bureaucratic permit process and very little will be spent on actual infrastructure. This is the government giving itself a handout.

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