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Biden lines up $42.5B for US broadband boost

My other car WAS an IAV Stryker

"I don't think urban communities are where the problems are honestly."

It's relatively easy to add services in urban areas, running new lines in existing utility ducts or even storm drains / sewers.

Rural? Plenty of room to add more poles and wires.

Suburban America is the problem. Residents want more choices but don't want their beautiful neighborhoods -- especially their own lawns -- torn up. Plus, as others have commented, the power-gone-to-their-heads municipal governments help enforce certain monopolies.

Personally, as I've said many times, I can have 1 coax or 1 copper twisted-pair provider. I've maxed out the latter at a decent-enough price and won't touch the former due to their shoddy business practices (especially bait-and-switch). I want the copper company to bring the fiber, but I can't have it until everyone around me does, and the company won't make any promises.

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