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Europe seeks to punish Putin's infowar pals with bans on Russian tech firms

Jellied Eel Silver badge

The EU should jail any corporate or executive or staff member that signs their name or approves any sales of any kind to Russia.

Good luck with that. No Teslas for Russia!

Exports of all electric and hybrid vehicles have also been banned, as have all cars with engines of 1900cm³or larger.

So no Mercs, BMWs, VAGs, Ferraris, Lambos etc etc. Who's that going to hurt more, EU automakers, or Russia? Will China care, or will it ignore the EU and keep selling to Russia? Does Russia really care about being shut out from the EV revolution? Does Russia really care when I think both Ford and GM have abandoned engine production plants in Russia, plus it has abundant resources to churn out iron or aluminium engine blocks, or wind motors?

Maybe Russia, China and India will just partner up to produce vehicles that don't have PAYG heated seats. This will be excellent news for the EU's automakers, no?

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