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Solve the problem from the other end...

Don't be such a juicy target. Follow best practices to secure data and systems, and of course don't be viciously nasty, callous, incompetent jerks on top of it. Reddit's a very juicy target because its ownership, administrators and staff are arrogant to the extreme and are masters at doing inexplicably tone-deaf and stupid things at the worst possible moments. Medical providers are very juicy targets because they're infamous for utter incompetence in securing patient data and related infrastructure (they heal people, not build IT infrastructure, and they have a well-deserved reputation for getting security wrong). Nvidia's a juicy target because they're one of just a handful of vendors of highly sought-after products but have a reputation for being malicious and anti-competitive in their market and notably hostile towards open-source development.

Being notorious (for good or ill) doesn't just attract desirable attention. It attracts groups like these more than being boring does.

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