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No. Arm was past it's best years ago when Apple released an " improved version, and soon to be followed by Qualcomm. Then there is the Risk V thing.

Soz ARM. You dumped the Acorn Risc Machines excellence thing thing years ago. Hell you can't even match the companies that use and improve on your architecture. So stop your fucking whingeing.

What on earth are you smoking? You seem to think that ARM is somehow in competition with Apple, which they most fundamentally are not. ARM's entire business model is to not compete with any device manufacturer, anywhere, yet be useful enough to all of them that they're willing to pay them a considerable sum of money (which, so far, they have been). You're so far off understanding what ARM is one wonders if you're spelling the company name with an i, n, t, e and an l.

The reason why buying ARM is so complex is that, for most companies interersted in owning them, they would then be in competition with ARM customers, which is why the competition authorities are not keen. Softbank was allowed to buy ARM because they are not a semiconductor manufacturer. The fact that they overpaid is their failed due diligence / over optimism.

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