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>I have no idea what this has got to do with Brexit specifically, tbh. Please enlighten us.

The whole scheme is, as you say, nothing to do with Brexit but a scheme designed by the EU to make its members and partners less reliant on entities outside the EU; the set of which includes the UK (becasue of Brexit).

From the article

"The latter raises the question of why the UK is not involved if Norway is"

Because of Brexit the UK is explicitly not part of anything to do with the EU other than by accident of geography. Had we even retained a Norway style relationship with the economic bloc we would have benefited from the scheme. Sadly, our lords and masters, and 51% of the voting population, who bothered to vote, decided that no relationship with our nearest trading partners made more sense than any sort of relationship (be that Norway style, or something more nuanced) becasue we couldn't possibly be told what to do by a bunch of jumped up eurocrats.

Hence the EU funding reaching Norway, who have a relationship with the EU, and not the UK, who don't really, is easily explained as an effect of Brexit.

What do I remember hearing throughout the 2016 campaign? "They need us more than we need them...." seems that might not have been true. I am shocked I tell you, shocked!

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