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I happen to work in manufacturing and logistics for a business that has multiple different business units all with different operational requirements. Not as easy as cookie-cutter retail. I've also just completed an advanced Meraki training course today :-)

What Meraki features do you think Cisco wireless is absorbing? The Catalyst wireless platform today has well and truly surpassed the capabilities of Meraki wireless, although it'd be a hard sell to claim that Cisco wireless is easier to use.

While yes the Meraki UI is good and so is the provisioning process, it's not all as easy for everything as just do a template and it works. Templates work very well in MR space, but they are practically unusable in MX space as they fail to scale in a meaningful way especially once you end up with per-site variation in the firewall rulebase. You also run into these highly irritating limitations around things like being unable to add custom rules per site once you do templates. Or... if you don't templatise the firewall rules for 60 sites and run them as standalone and you need to push an update in the rules out to 24 of them (which then become nonstandard with the other 36) you've just created a big unmanageable mess. Or one of those sites with a template that needs a special variation for a unique issue (eg local change to enable temporary access to something).

To get around that you end up driving it all via API. But then you're not using the UI at that point anyway so whether the UI is any good becomes a rather moot point.

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